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Dnavarre September 02 2008 23:36:28
Finally. The first password reset option doesn't work (the one that needs your username).
kt6550 September 02 2008 22:02:32
Okay, my vampire stories are in and posted. What was to be 3000 word story ended up being ten chapters. Read and enjoy.
Routh September 02 2008 19:56:42
Saviour - as I mentioned before you must reset your password using the forgot password link - I repeat MUST RESET password. The new sites db does not have your password stored.
Dnavarre August 29 2008 21:58:33
Routh, I don't think the new site works. I can't log in no matter what and What I check to see if an account activation message is in my email accounts (using yahoo now) there isn't one.
Routh August 23 2008 22:02:15
The writings area of the new site is not yet completed... I'm running into coding issues with it - every other area is showtime ready - so I'd like to begin going over asap - but I still have
kt6550 August 23 2008 11:39:46
Can we start posting on the new site, or is it better to wait? Thanks
kt6550 August 22 2008 01:37:05
Welcome, Shanderson. Enjoy!
Mythbhavd August 16 2008 16:54:47
At first sight, looks good. I'll take a longer cruise around it later, Chris. I look forward to your story Disease.
Routh August 16 2008 02:49:29
btw - anyone trying to login to the new site will need to reset their password using the forgot password link - the new site uses a different password storage method
Routh August 16 2008 01:41:12
If any users would like a peek at the new site as it develops, check out
- feedback is appreciated!
FavouriteDisease August 15 2008 19:17:51
Just uploaded my 5-part story, would appreciate it if you read.
kt6550 August 14 2008 03:50:23
I put a forum entry on cutting and pasting. This works pretty well. Check it out.
kt6550 August 14 2008 03:08:02
I don't think Routh is a real person. I think he is just a super intelligent data base.
Dnavarre August 13 2008 21:47:47
Yeah, I bet Routh has like five accounts on here.
Routh August 13 2008 06:13:46
*is always lurking, even when you think he isn't*
FavouriteDisease August 12 2008 10:48:11
Ah good. Grin
Mythbhavd August 12 2008 07:58:59
yep too!
kt6550 August 12 2008 02:56:14
Myse;f as well.
Dnavarre August 11 2008 21:47:51
I do
FavouriteDisease August 11 2008 19:02:47
*Wonders if anyone else comes to this corner of the web*