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Bambi June 20 2008 09:39:36
Hey Kids, Just thought I'd have a quick sojourn to this site again after a bit of a lapse. I've added my two sense worth to a couple of stories. It's great to see new members! Welcome!
Aero June 20 2008 04:58:08
Yay for comment wars!
Dnavarre June 15 2008 01:18:30
hey CJ, have fun on the site and someone will get around to replying to your stuff.
Dnavarre June 13 2008 23:41:41
hello, angel, I see you got my MDD comment.
Routh June 13 2008 22:11:55
I like the idea, although we need more users to rate writings, a writing that has a 97% rating with one vote can't be taken as a great writing, because the one vote could be biased...
Dnavarre June 13 2008 01:10:13
btw, hey Routh and Myth, how about a featured entry (story or poem) of the week?
Dnavarre June 11 2008 01:56:14
new short post up.
A_Rube June 09 2008 11:11:39
Aero June 09 2008 01:13:21
Hey, yay, the story's under a person's name is back! Sweet! I know its been back for a while, but I was too lazy to say anything before. You rock Routh.
Freeman June 08 2008 21:45:51
to know the truth and do nothing is wrong, do i open up and bare my soul
Dnavarre June 06 2008 06:15:31
in a fight with my girlfriend right now...
Dnavarre June 05 2008 05:25:59
lol, taking a look back at hte old comments. There's a big lapse of shoutbox comments form last June to here. I'm looking at last years comments....dang.
Dnavarre June 05 2008 05:14:42
put in some suggestions
Dnavarre June 05 2008 01:33:41
It's been pushed into 4 books, the 3rd is Brisingr and is coming soon with an orange dragon. I didn't like that series at all, the story was shallow and pieced from other books and movies. Suc
Routh June 05 2008 01:32:21
I'm still waiting for the release of the third book in the inheritance trilogy
Dnavarre June 05 2008 01:30:49
I've been reading Pendragon 9: Raven Rise, I'm almost done...the tenth book comes out May 23, and it's the close
Routh June 05 2008 01:29:07
Completely creepy - something in the space time continuum just broke.
Dnavarre June 05 2008 01:26:01
wow, mer routh and Myth are all on at the same time. creepy
Routh June 05 2008 01:19:20
Yeah its good to have it back and be back on my feet... and hell I'm the first featured writer... hmm coolio - I think I will code a section for that feature, I like it
MadeNew June 03 2008 21:57:13
UGH!!!!!!!!! I hate exams with every particle of my being! Sigh... Sadness.