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psinoob October 10 2008 20:46:08
Hi I am new
kt6550 October 08 2008 03:48:28
Hey! We are getting new submissions! Keep them coming, folks!
Mythbhavd October 04 2008 21:49:24
I'm on a bit just about every day. Just don't always log in when I'm browsing and reading. Wink
Dnavarre October 04 2008 14:01:32
Hey, you made your account here 3 days after me. Myth doesn't get on much anymore, but he's around. (read the last few shouts)
Jareth October 04 2008 07:10:34
Jareth October 04 2008 07:09:42
Giving all my fellow poets a shout! I havent been on in nearly 1 and a half years... & if mythbhavd reads this, i will post new stuff soon. ive grown up and im giving my new stuff a philosophic fee
kt6550 September 12 2008 01:13:20
Hooray Myth! You don't want to end up a desecrated old bachelor like me!
Crystal_Mae September 11 2008 02:29:07
Dnavarre September 10 2008 22:09:06
yep. congrats
Routh September 10 2008 18:12:14
Congrats Myth!
Aero September 09 2008 02:21:01
Congrats Mythbhavd! ^^
Mythbhavd September 08 2008 23:50:15
I'm engaged! Woo! She said yes!
Dnavarre September 06 2008 17:34:32
Btw, I am working on writing...but I'm going extremely slow at the minute. Maybe soon we can put new stuff on the site.
Elijah Archer September 06 2008 04:42:01
Vampire eh, hmm!!
kt6550 September 05 2008 03:59:43
Hey FavrouriteDisease, you got your wish!
kt6550 September 05 2008 01:13:45
Good idea, Routh. I was sending im's for my comments, but in the future i will comment the story itself. And feel free to push back on mine.
Dnavarre September 04 2008 21:47:17
I've been busy with school (I have a lot of homework lately) and also have to keep up my social life, so I can just check in, but that's mostly it.
Routh September 04 2008 18:23:48
any comments - Everyone MUST participate or the concept of the site fails...
Routh September 04 2008 18:23:17
EVERYONE: No comments on your stories? No ratings? Ask yourself this... Have I commented and rated a minimum of 10 writings on this site? If you answer no, then you'll know why you don't have
FavouriteDisease September 04 2008 18:03:04
No comments or ratings on any of my stories then... Sad