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Dnavarre July 04 2008 00:42:05
lol, don't. you get used to it.
Mulberry July 04 2008 00:22:04
Really? Cool, I felt so young before
Dnavarre July 03 2008 16:40:39
im 15 as well
Mulberry July 03 2008 14:38:04
Ok, I'm fifteen. Am I the youngest here?
kt6550 June 30 2008 15:23:44
Nevermind, I found the donate button.
kt6550 June 30 2008 15:02:48
Hey, Routh, how can I make a donation to the site?
Routh June 28 2008 18:25:01
It's exam time, he is a teacher and a pastor as well as a person with his own life to live.. from time to time he can't be here.. he'll be back.
Dnavarre June 28 2008 17:27:47
yeah, but Myth has disappeared
Routh June 28 2008 17:01:01
from time to time - but it seems that while there is almost always one person on, we all see to come on at different times.
abigailchilds June 28 2008 16:59:09
okay I have a question- is there ever more than one person on this site at a time?
Routh June 28 2008 16:51:32
A new download has been added. Yuo can now download a button to put on your website to link to The Den.
Dnavarre June 28 2008 06:22:06
Added two new options in the "Research and Development" section and a new poll.
Dnavarre June 26 2008 01:20:54
Oh, good to have you back, Bambi. What was your old name? Beau-Bambi?
Dnavarre June 24 2008 03:16:38
In other news, I am still working on Jared. I'm currently on page 63 and just starting chapter 9. I highly doubt that I will finish this summer.
Dnavarre June 24 2008 03:08:27
Shen, where you been?
abigailchilds June 24 2008 01:14:26
Hey everyone I've posted my part of my first writing a few days ago- please let me know what you think. Thanks!
Dnavarre June 24 2008 00:43:08
Everyone, if you see any unruly comments featuring links to bad websites, please inform me, Routh, or Myth. The reason is that I just had to delete about 18 comments filled with...links to websites.
IdesOfMark June 23 2008 14:52:04
Hello all! Just put up my first 3 posts, please read and review!
Dnavarre June 23 2008 01:01:54
Barely Bambi. Just Barely.
Bambi June 20 2008 09:41:05
sense = cents (Really I am a credible critic)