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Dnavarre December 08 2008 02:50:58
no. I still hate it.
kt6550 December 08 2008 02:43:02
Some Fantastic, you may take great comfort in the fact that both Beethoven and Stravinsky revised, and revised, and revised.......
Dnavarre December 07 2008 03:43:40
lol, I'm working on Jared right now and it sucks having to rewrite 101 pagesg that I'll have to write again later in life.
Dnavarre December 07 2008 00:47:11
anybody see the Twilight movie?
kt6550 December 03 2008 01:16:14
Welcome new members. Please post something. Or, if you don't want to post, please read and rate! And happy holidays!
Dnavarre November 28 2008 16:25:36
which was his email. I've deleted him again, but you still have to repost. Routh, do you think you can ban his IP?
Dnavarre November 28 2008 16:24:54
Once again we have Jamisvu rating 0's on many stories (more than last time and all of mine). He was under the name "Conflictengaged" which was
Dnavarre November 27 2008 06:52:17
another new--extended--poll of "Would you rather..."
Dnavarre November 27 2008 06:37:41
doubt it. Just copy, repost, delete. He's been banned, so he can't get on, but comments/ratings remain.
kt6550 November 27 2008 06:35:16
Smile Jamixvu gave all of mine a 0. I wonder if he even read them! lol
kt6550 November 27 2008 05:01:22
Welcome Barry 339! Enjoy!
Dnavarre November 26 2008 00:22:06
Everyone, please ignore Jamisvu--he has voted all around 0's on several stories. I am sorry for this--you can delete/repost this if need be.
Scott Bolger November 24 2008 22:27:57
kt6550, I read and rated your xmas story.
Routh November 24 2008 20:43:55
Routh November 24 2008 20:43:35
The point and purpose of out complex rating system is to prevent these misleading perfect scores. You not only hurt the sites reputation you mislead the author and do not give them any constructive fe
Routh November 24 2008 20:40:29
On a related note, I should rarely, preferably never, see writings rated a a perfect 100% across the board. Perfection, as they say, is impossible... if not very rare at least. The point and purpose o
Routh November 24 2008 20:32:39
If you are going to praise or trash something, point out which parts and why. And do not use childish comments.
Routh November 24 2008 20:32:17
Offensive comments were recently removed from writings. Going forward please remember that we welcome both negative and positive feedback, but remember that BOTH must be constructive. If you are going
kt6550 November 24 2008 03:49:14
Okay, folks. My Xmas story is up. Let's see some more seasonal writings, okay? Thanks.
Sariel November 22 2008 10:14:00
awesome poll