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kt6550 November 27 2008 05:01:22
Welcome Barry 339! Enjoy!
Dnavarre November 26 2008 00:22:06
Everyone, please ignore Jamisvu--he has voted all around 0's on several stories. I am sorry for this--you can delete/repost this if need be.
Scott Bolger November 24 2008 22:27:57
kt6550, I read and rated your xmas story.
Routh November 24 2008 20:43:55
Routh November 24 2008 20:43:35
The point and purpose of out complex rating system is to prevent these misleading perfect scores. You not only hurt the sites reputation you mislead the author and do not give them any constructive fe
Routh November 24 2008 20:40:29
On a related note, I should rarely, preferably never, see writings rated a a perfect 100% across the board. Perfection, as they say, is impossible... if not very rare at least. The point and purpose o
Routh November 24 2008 20:32:39
If you are going to praise or trash something, point out which parts and why. And do not use childish comments.
Routh November 24 2008 20:32:17
Offensive comments were recently removed from writings. Going forward please remember that we welcome both negative and positive feedback, but remember that BOTH must be constructive. If you are going
kt6550 November 24 2008 03:49:14
Okay, folks. My Xmas story is up. Let's see some more seasonal writings, okay? Thanks.
Sariel November 22 2008 10:14:00
awesome poll
kt6550 November 21 2008 17:09:14
Thank you. Now, a word of caution. Abusive comments on a story or a poem accomplish nothing. Sound feedback and constructive criticism works wonders. Please keep this in mind.
Dnavarre November 20 2008 22:26:36
New poll. And I'd just like to thank Kt6550 and Myth for donating $100 each to keep the site up and running. If I had a card, I would pay you both back some money.
kt6550 November 18 2008 10:00:37
Okay, it is the time of year when what is supposed to be a religious holiday causes crazy Americans to spend tons of money. Let's get some Xmas postings on the site. Mine will be posted on 11/23
Aero November 15 2008 17:23:38
^_^ I do love Pendragon! I was reading your story last night before my internet quite ^^" Nice to meet you, too!
Aero November 15 2008 03:09:48
-blink- I'm thinking about adding a poem. XxRandomnessxX
Dnavarre November 14 2008 23:09:23
no. There used to be only 1 or 2 people online a day, but it's grown over the last months.
kt6550 November 12 2008 09:24:37
Welcome Catrlgirl! Enjoy and contribute.
kt6550 November 07 2008 01:56:40
Folks, please rate or at least leave a comment on anything you read. It lets the writer know that people are looking at his/her creation. Thanks!
Routh November 03 2008 03:41:58
kt6550 November 02 2008 09:37:55
Welcome, rox35. Get a story or a poem for us to take a look at. Check the Forums for my quick and easy cut and paste method.