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alexsunsoar March 25 2009 19:45:45
Thanks you the welcoming! How are you all?
kt6550 March 25 2009 02:46:08
Not much. Up for some sci fi? I should have a story finished in about 2 weeks. Angry
Dnavarre March 25 2009 02:34:07
Yo. What is happenin' everybody?
Scott Bolger March 25 2009 02:18:10
Welcome guys!
kt6550 March 25 2009 01:39:57
Welcome btrain and alexsunsoar. Enjoy! Cool
alexsunsoar March 24 2009 16:22:43
Grin hello all.
kt6550 March 15 2009 23:52:46
Welcome Maddy! Enjoy!
Scott Bolger March 12 2009 18:20:27
I just added a new article. I'd like to see some feedback from our female users on this important topic!
kt6550 March 11 2009 05:03:50
Who in the hell wants to look at a photo of me, Routh? Grin
Scott Bolger March 09 2009 01:51:14
Welcome to the site Supernova! Everyone check out her new post.
Scott Bolger March 04 2009 23:27:18
Great, I'll take a look and get you some more feedback
Javas March 04 2009 23:04:24
Extended A Friendly Encounter, for those who liked it and said they wanted more
Scott Bolger March 03 2009 04:35:11
New article submitted. I also rated your work Javas.
Routh March 03 2009 02:59:43
Photo albums will be displayed in the 'Member Photos' section as well as your user profile with the 'Photo albums' link.
Routh March 03 2009 02:58:39
Everyone please be aware that you can now add photos of yourself and that you've take with the new 'My Photo Albums' tool
Routh March 03 2009 02:12:47
Thank you thank you, and thanks for starting off the use of the blog system Some Fantasic
Dnavarre March 03 2009 02:04:10
Again, happy not birthday routh!
Dnavarre March 02 2009 22:44:18
Can anybody explain to me the story of "The Wheel of time" or, better, the Eye of the World? The book doesn't say much about it.
Javas March 02 2009 22:01:06
New writing, a very short story take 30 seconds to read it. Comment if you would like.
Dnavarre March 02 2009 03:42:28
And in relation to the new poll, I have a fully functional time machine, but it only works when nobody is around and you can't leave it. It looks like a cardboard box with no windows and one door