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kt6550 November 07 2008 01:56:40
Folks, please rate or at least leave a comment on anything you read. It lets the writer know that people are looking at his/her creation. Thanks!
Routh November 03 2008 03:41:58
kt6550 November 02 2008 09:37:55
Welcome, rox35. Get a story or a poem for us to take a look at. Check the Forums for my quick and easy cut and paste method.
Scott Bolger October 31 2008 19:53:48
Ummmm...merry Christmas? Pfft
kt6550 October 31 2008 09:50:20
Welcome back, Scott. Hey, holidays are approaching. Let's get some holiday stuff on here.
Scott Bolger October 29 2008 14:26:11
Hey everyone. I'm sorry I've been away for such a long time. I can't believe everything that's happend during the time I was away. Seems there was some real drama!
Routh October 28 2008 16:46:43
Hello everyone, I am around today doing some housecleaning and development of the new site. Sorry for my absence, I just basically did a 17 day run at work and haven't had much time to pop in.
Dnavarre October 26 2008 01:03:52
it would be helpful if I knew how to delete users. lol.
Routh October 26 2008 00:36:41
Some Fantastic and other Admin: Please be aware that deleting the spam user will delete all of their comments along with them and save a lot of time.
kt6550 October 25 2008 04:20:28
Welcome to the new folks!
Dnavarre October 25 2008 02:03:07
...EVIL!!! The second I finished deleting all the spam comments, another one shows up!
Routh October 22 2008 22:04:25
A friend of mine is coding the writing component for me and has said it should be ready within a month. And I haven't had time to write for a while, unless you count wrtiing up help docs and conte
Dnavarre October 16 2008 01:16:16
the new site looks good so far. BTW, when do you think the writing input will be up? What will you be gracing us with for the first story of the new site?
Routh October 13 2008 04:03:07
updates are kicking in more - keep taking a look... not finished yet though - http://joomla.amateurwrit
Dnavarre October 10 2008 21:47:07
psinoob October 10 2008 20:46:08
Hi I am new
kt6550 October 08 2008 03:48:28
Hey! We are getting new submissions! Keep them coming, folks!
Mythbhavd October 04 2008 21:49:24
I'm on a bit just about every day. Just don't always log in when I'm browsing and reading. Wink
Dnavarre October 04 2008 14:01:32
Hey, you made your account here 3 days after me. Myth doesn't get on much anymore, but he's around. (read the last few shouts)
Jareth October 04 2008 07:10:34