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Dnavarre February 15 2009 19:48:35
don't strain yourself with all this Routh.
Routh February 15 2009 02:40:34
Not Rated tab has been added.. info in the news. Make sure you watch the news ticker and the news section for info about all the newest features.
kt6550 February 15 2009 00:25:33
Welcome Peter. Let's join in the fun. Submit something! Grin
Routh February 14 2009 08:11:06
ensure the older writings are rated too
Routh February 14 2009 08:10:34
I'm going to be throwing a big assist to that out in a couple of days hopefully - a window that will show members writings they have not yet rated, starting by the first submitted writing, to ensu
kt6550 February 14 2009 04:07:08
Hey! Posting and rating is a good thing. Let's do more of it! Cool
Connor Merrifield February 13 2009 19:11:34
Just posted a writing, check it out Smile
New_Dawn February 13 2009 13:37:51
Good to see the popularity of the site has risen! Its a while since I have posted so lets see...
kt6550 February 13 2009 01:57:22
Welcome all newcomers. Contribute, and comment. That s what it is all about Cool
Dnavarre February 13 2009 01:05:09
Hello you three. Sorry for the late welcome, but I was much too lazy. Frown Have a fun time with this new site
cinderella February 12 2009 11:49:53
hii to u all Smile
Javas February 11 2009 22:59:57
just got my first writing up there (be warned it's a little graphic) but give it a look and an honest opinion
Xeohelios February 09 2009 23:31:33
hey guys im relatively new to the whole amateur writing gig so give my stuff a look if you get a chance and let me know what you think, good or bad
Dnavarre February 09 2009 02:27:35
yay, Blink 182 has just announced their reunion on the grammys!
kt6550 February 07 2009 01:23:41
Check out some of the nice features on the site. Routh is also adding more. I like what I see so far. Grin
kt6550 January 29 2009 01:56:24
Welcome stormin222. Read and enjoy! Oh, and submit something as well please.
kt6550 January 20 2009 02:05:35
Oh, and also feel free to submit!
kt6550 January 20 2009 02:02:59
Welcome all newcomers. Please read and rate!
Genevieve_Delacroix January 18 2009 02:57:58
wow i haven't been here in so long.
Dnavarre January 15 2009 23:59:38
i think he means Jamisvu. That's the first person I saw on teh site.