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Dnavarre April 16 2009 23:36:30
lol, the most people I've ever seen on in my two years here is 4.
mysticalmind April 16 2009 16:25:07
I'm on the site. It's not completly dead on my watch. By the way can somone rate my new poem and my new song.
Writing of legends April 16 2009 16:10:57
This website is dead x0 Nobody's ever on Frown
kt6550 April 16 2009 02:10:41
Welcome, Yvette. Surf the site, read, rate, and post if you so desire! Grin
Dnavarre April 14 2009 06:31:48
don't forget about the blog system, the forums, or the article submissions.
viewtiful12 April 13 2009 16:07:20
Finally! I've reformatted The Five Jewels. Come check it out if you haven't already; read the latest chapter!
kt6550 April 13 2009 01:09:14
Hey hey! Welcome Dragonlord.
Routh April 12 2009 21:05:17
Happy Easter folks
viewtiful12 April 12 2009 17:12:16
Happy Easter everyone!
Dnavarre April 11 2009 02:06:18 know, I'm seeing an increase in gas-gusling cars...not too smart.
kt6550 April 11 2009 01:36:53
Welcome, timbo! Please contribute by posting, and/or reading and rating! Cool
Writing of legends April 10 2009 22:26:55
Happy Easter! Read and rate =] please
Scott Bolger April 10 2009 19:23:43
Hey everyone: happy easter weekend!
Writing of legends April 10 2009 15:30:42
Lol, my Ch.2 just got rated a 92.2%. I can say that I'm happy =D Check and rate it yourself. Think of it as a show or anime, because that's what I imagined it at first
kt6550 April 10 2009 04:00:03
welcome viewtiful12. Please practice PRR here....Post, Read, Rate Grin
kt6550 April 10 2009 03:54:50
idea 2...what kind of music when you read/write?
kt6550 April 10 2009 03:52:39
2 ideas for polls: What do you drink when you read/write?
Writing of legends April 10 2009 03:52:23
So does that mean this site is pretty dead? lol
Dnavarre April 10 2009 03:41:19
yay, 4 people on at the same time--it's a record!
Writing of legends April 09 2009 17:57:11
Hey! Come check out the first chapter of my novel =] I'll post more soon. You'll love it