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682 April 27 2009 07:10:27
So already the editing starts? Where's the rest of my post?
682 April 27 2009 07:08:54
OK, so you want more activity here? Then you MUST create controversy. Pick a fight, insult someone; that's what gets people interested in what's going on. Think Rush vs Obama. That's how y
Dnavarre April 25 2009 01:37:19
I got a health baby...think a baby without the happiness and more attention.
kt6550 April 25 2009 01:18:33
Aha! So Pluto was actually a coal miner! In ancient Rome, of course, and not West Virginia. Grin
mysticalmind April 24 2009 12:34:14
Pluto is Mickey Mouse's dog. Pluto is also the roman god of the underworld.
kt6550 April 24 2009 02:30:23
I thought Pluto was Mickey Mouse's dog.
Scott Bolger April 23 2009 02:49:33
I do. C'mon, we spent all those hours having to memorize it as a planet in school...
Dnavarre April 23 2009 02:08:24
who here thinks pluto should still be planet?
kt6550 April 21 2009 23:00:28
Because he thinks no one can hear him
viewtiful12 April 20 2009 06:45:50
Why is Billy Mays always shouting?
Writing of legends April 20 2009 05:36:17
Wow, I work nine hour days, but I'm trying lol Smile
Dnavarre April 20 2009 03:07:21
that dude on tv commercials that does all those household stuff--swiffer, mighty putty, stuff like that.
kt6550 April 20 2009 03:04:07
Who is Billy Mays?
Dnavarre April 20 2009 02:45:10
Billy Mays for president!
Dnavarre April 20 2009 01:12:18
I really should read/rate more.
kt6550 April 20 2009 00:45:39
We need to get folks not only reading, but commenting and rating. Help us writers out please! Angry
mysticalmind April 18 2009 17:15:50
Yes. Dead is an exaggeration but this site does need a lot more activity.
Princess Lilith April 18 2009 10:02:25
"Dead" is exaggerating I think. The pace is different here. But it isn't being used as much as it should be, really.
kt6550 April 18 2009 01:06:51
Hello, Thaddeus, and welcome! Cool
kt6550 April 17 2009 03:42:32
If this website is dead, who is posting all of the new material? Immaculate composition?