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kt6550 February 20 2009 01:23:53
Hello, Scott. Good to have you back. And welcome Don Roble.
Scott Bolger February 20 2009 01:04:14
Thanks Smile
Dnavarre February 19 2009 13:14:03
Welcome back!
Scott Bolger February 19 2009 05:47:53
...writing now. I just submitted a new article and urge everyone to check it out, along with all the other amazing columns and columnists we have at this site, if you haven't done so already!
Scott Bolger February 19 2009 05:44:07
Hi everyone! I've been away since the holidays, all the hectic ness of life kept me away from writing for a bit Frown It's great to see the new website: it looks and works great. I'm back at w
Dnavarre February 18 2009 21:48:43
Nope, all we have is forest.
Routh February 18 2009 14:17:00
Those are always fun, especially if you live in a mountainous area.
Dnavarre February 18 2009 12:41:31
grand cherokee
Routh February 18 2009 12:11:24
Congrats man, what make?
Dnavarre February 18 2009 03:00:18
I got a car today!
Routh February 17 2009 12:22:33
Alright everyone, lets concentrate on the 'Not rated by anyone' tab. How long do you think it will take us to get at least one rating on every writing on The Den?
Routh February 16 2009 14:22:35
Everyone please make note of the two new tabs I just got working: Not rated by you, and Not rated by anyone - Lets pay special attention to these!
Jake February 16 2009 00:47:47
Site looks great buddy. Some Fantastic, how about The Count of Monte Cristo? Awesome book, long, quite epic!
Dnavarre February 15 2009 19:50:40
btw, anybody know any good, long, epic books? I've run out.
Dnavarre February 15 2009 19:48:35
don't strain yourself with all this Routh.
Routh February 15 2009 02:40:34
Not Rated tab has been added.. info in the news. Make sure you watch the news ticker and the news section for info about all the newest features.
kt6550 February 15 2009 00:25:33
Welcome Peter. Let's join in the fun. Submit something! Grin
Routh February 14 2009 08:11:06
ensure the older writings are rated too
Routh February 14 2009 08:10:34
I'm going to be throwing a big assist to that out in a couple of days hopefully - a window that will show members writings they have not yet rated, starting by the first submitted writing, to ensu
kt6550 February 14 2009 04:07:08
Hey! Posting and rating is a good thing. Let's do more of it! Cool