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Routh October 05 2019 05:06:24
Oh wow, I just realised that still says Brockville. Actually in Vancouver now, and was in Ottawa/Gatineau for 6 years prior.
Mike L B October 04 2019 15:56:47
Hi Routh. Just want to mention my daughter moved to Smiths Falls, not far from Brockville. Lovely area! Ironically, my wife’s surname is “Brock.” Be well!
Routh October 04 2019 13:32:01
Hi @JWH - When you are logged in, click your name/avatar in the upper right. In that menu you will see the option "Submit Writing"
JWH October 04 2019 05:10:44
Okay, I feel dumb, how to I post something? I’ve been going in circles for a long time.
JWH October 04 2019 04:49:59
Hello. I’m new, hope to post soon.
Don Roble September 28 2019 05:37:36
kt and boneyg, can you take another look? I had some problems I when I wrote wrote this.
Routh September 24 2019 15:44:31
Between the overtime at work all summer and my undiagnosed sleep apnea getting really bad, I've been lacking the energy and focus to code. Will hopefully have the machine I need soon.
Routh September 24 2019 15:43:02
WB @boneyg - I'm really hoping the karma system in v5 will help with the commenting issue. I've been a bit delayed on it.
boneyg September 24 2019 03:22:26
There is no way I can get to everything but if anyone has a piece they would like me to read, shoot me a message and I will gladly have a look.
boneyg September 24 2019 00:20:27
Perfect. I haven't written in years but I have plenty of thoughts and advice on the matter.
kt6550 September 23 2019 22:14:11
Welcome back, boneyg. However, the Den has a problem. We have far too many writers and not enough readers. We need folks to read and comment. Angry
boneyg September 23 2019 17:08:55
I have been gone far too long and forgotten how much I enjoy reading amateur writing.
Don Roble September 21 2019 23:15:09
I caught that. A good reason for an editor.
kt6550 September 21 2019 02:55:35
Don, I will get to your posting tomorrow. I've got a few irons in the fire, including two new stories. In the meantime, you may want to correct the title.
Don Roble September 20 2019 16:37:04
Folks. no one is commenting. This doesn't work. You can't write well if no one is pointing things out.
2909 September 17 2019 18:07:25
I am a freelance proofreader and in order to get some experience under my belt, I am offering my proofreading services, free, for a couple of writings.
Don Roble September 10 2019 20:28:36
I'm back again.Folks. you have to read this stuff to see my genius.
Madhatter August 07 2019 15:50:03
Tolemak85, that depends... Do you feel you are unable to focus because there are too many projects? If so, then you might want to put some projects away for another time.
Tolemak85 August 05 2019 19:35:26
Is there such a thing as having to many project stories going at once?
Don Roble July 30 2019 16:51:45
Welcome back Madhatter