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Don Roble October 17 2018 17:44:22
In fiction the first paragraph is never indented.
AlexScribe October 13 2018 07:23:15
As I did here, I sometimes omit the indent on para 1 of story/chapter as some books do. No special rhyme or reason as to when. Sorry for the confusion. V5 full speed ahead.
Routh October 13 2018 00:00:56
I'm guessing you forgot as I just tested and the indent is preserved for the first line. I'm going to presume this is all fixed and go back to v5 dev now.
Routh October 12 2018 22:41:46
Did you forget the indent on the first paragraph Alex or was that chopped?
AlexScribe October 12 2018 21:54:12
KT, there are only 4 f's in pfffft.
AlexScribe October 12 2018 21:52:52
Routh, just updated my latest with the first few para fixed: worked fine. Will fix the rest later. Thanks.
kt6550 October 12 2018 21:51:47
AlexScribe October 12 2018 21:48:29
Just looked through 10 books: all indents, no double spacing except for minor scene breaks. KT, at 66 you are allowed to read adult books now.
Routh October 12 2018 21:29:33
With certain publishers it is, but I have plenty of ebooks with no spacing between paragraphs.
kt6550 October 12 2018 21:15:51
Cool Well, double-spacing between paragraphs is not only eye easy, it is also a publishing standard. Angry
Routh October 12 2018 21:07:33
Fix is deployed. Please confirm it is fixed for your posts.
Routh October 12 2018 20:38:57
I'll try and have a fix ready by the end of the weekend. Sorry about this folks.
AlexScribe October 12 2018 20:10:53
Routh, sorry for complicating your day. You can blame this one on KT: shem started it by wanting indents and double-spacing.
AlexScribe October 12 2018 20:07:28
Lorna, as you can see from Routh's shouts, he is sorting the problem. Didn't see your post: don't let this keep you from posting it.
Routh October 12 2018 17:34:11
Well, found the problem. PHP-Fusion passes input through the trim() function in PHP, which strips out returns and newlines. I will have to reimplement this.
Routh October 12 2018 17:12:56
I can't wait to get v5 done.
Routh October 12 2018 17:11:17
My code it outputting the writing exactly as it is in the DB, but the PHP-Fusion input sanitisation is stripping things. Looks like I'll have to modify more of their code.
Routh October 12 2018 17:10:05
I'm examining the issue. It's not with my output parsing, but rather the internal input-parsing that PHP-Fusion does. It's stripping the extra lines.
LornaSugden October 12 2018 15:05:56
Alex, did you sort out your issue with posting as I have just had the same problem?
AlexScribe October 12 2018 02:52:46
Routh, tried to edit KAT-Balls to double space per KT. Once updated, blank lines disappear. Tried 3-spacing: same result.