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Silvarian February 07 2019 12:56:27
I have uploaded my first piece of work, The Silver Knight, any feedback is welcome.
Blue Violet February 06 2019 14:31:36
Order of the Shadow: 49 has been published. Estimated time to read: 2 minutes.
octavian February 06 2019 09:01:31
Hi all, I've just published here a short story, named 'A hunter's wish'. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks
Blue Violet February 06 2019 02:06:16
I haven't been posting my Order of the Shadow continuations, due to some schoolwork. I will resume again immediately. Please read!
AlexScribe February 02 2019 05:21:41
Suggestion: update don't delete a piece to make changes or you'll lose the comments and maybe more from those who read it but haven't commented yet. Plus read & comment on others.
Routh February 01 2019 18:45:06
Hey guys, a small request for you to be vigilant for spam links in comments and forum posts. I usually catch the forum posts but just found some comments with it as well.
AlexScribe January 30 2019 21:18:33
Hey, Mike, praise for your latest. One thing though: I have been forced to agree with a couple of your recent comments: watch that!
Anushka Srivastava January 29 2019 18:40:47
Hi everyone, Please check out my poem as I have just joined this site and would like to communicate and learn more.
Mike L B January 26 2019 22:12:30
Hey everyone. Thanx to Alex for his excellent feedback. A lot of effort! But we must all make the effort as well. No one will judge your efforts and recpients will appreciate your critique.
Yuu Ventura January 26 2019 12:32:19
Criticize it to your hearts content, i just started out, and pretty new. So i don't have any experience at all. Help me out, Okay? Thanks!
Yuu Ventura January 26 2019 12:30:45
Hello everyone! Can i take a little bit of your time, and read my Prologue on the story i'm making...
Routh January 25 2019 16:51:12
The best advice to all new users I can give: Give what you wish to receive. Read and comment on the writings here, and people will reciprocate.
Yuu Ventura January 25 2019 14:05:56
Hey guys, im new here and i want to try writing some stories, im 15 years old, and i started getting interested in writing and reading novels, but the problem is i don't know how to start or even
Blue Violet January 23 2019 17:26:05
Hello everyone! Will you please check my new story? It's not a whole story yet - just the prologue. Please review, rate, and comment! Thanks!
AlexScribe January 23 2019 03:12:35
BiGuy, just give it a working title. I've never ended up with a finished work having the same title it started with. Well, maybe a couple of times.
BipolarGuy January 23 2019 01:10:25
Thanks Alex! I've already started browsing through the library and I found some interesting. I do have my first chapter ready but I'm having trouble giving it a title Smile
AlexScribe January 22 2019 20:12:12
Welcome initiates into the Den of joys and horrors, and everything in between. Awaiting your writings and comments.
Blue Violet January 22 2019 18:37:40
Hey! I just joined as well, just today. I'll be looking forward to reading your materials. Hopefully you guys will be able to read my stories as well! Smile)
BipolarGuy January 20 2019 18:50:26
Thanks Hannah, looking forward to it too. I'm total beginner when it comes to writing but I do like to read novels and manga and books during free time Smile I'll post a chapter when it's
HannahsSuicidalThoughts January 19 2019 05:42:46
Hi BipolarGuy, im new here too.. joined a few days ago.. cool to see u here man. look forward to chatting with u. Smile