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Don Roble November 05 2019 17:05:28
The ratings won't hold.
pirate60 November 05 2019 10:37:42
Been a long time Darkfire. Have you gotten that book published yet?
kt6550 October 23 2019 20:55:59
Just thought I would say hello to everyone, and, since Halloween is right around the corner, I will post a small story concerning same.
Don Roble October 18 2019 16:34:21
Yea, welcome back.
Routh October 18 2019 15:01:12
WB Darkfire
Darkfire October 17 2019 05:53:22
Hello all!!
Don Roble October 17 2019 00:13:08
I want people to bear in mind that I am not discouraging by my comments. I try to help.
Don Roble October 13 2019 03:53:30
The first page has been hijacked.
Routh October 05 2019 05:06:24
Oh wow, I just realised that still says Brockville. Actually in Vancouver now, and was in Ottawa/Gatineau for 6 years prior.
Mike L B October 04 2019 15:56:47
Hi Routh. Just want to mention my daughter moved to Smiths Falls, not far from Brockville. Lovely area! Ironically, my wife’s surname is “Brock.” Be well!
Routh October 04 2019 13:32:01
Hi @JWH - When you are logged in, click your name/avatar in the upper right. In that menu you will see the option "Submit Writing"
JWH October 04 2019 05:10:44
Okay, I feel dumb, how to I post something? I’ve been going in circles for a long time.
JWH October 04 2019 04:49:59
Hello. I’m new, hope to post soon.
Don Roble September 28 2019 05:37:36
kt and boneyg, can you take another look? I had some problems I when I wrote wrote this.
Routh September 24 2019 15:44:31
Between the overtime at work all summer and my undiagnosed sleep apnea getting really bad, I've been lacking the energy and focus to code. Will hopefully have the machine I need soon.
Routh September 24 2019 15:43:02
WB @boneyg - I'm really hoping the karma system in v5 will help with the commenting issue. I've been a bit delayed on it.
boneyg September 24 2019 03:22:26
There is no way I can get to everything but if anyone has a piece they would like me to read, shoot me a message and I will gladly have a look.
boneyg September 24 2019 00:20:27
Perfect. I haven't written in years but I have plenty of thoughts and advice on the matter.
kt6550 September 23 2019 22:14:11
Welcome back, boneyg. However, the Den has a problem. We have far too many writers and not enough readers. We need folks to read and comment. Angry
boneyg September 23 2019 17:08:55
I have been gone far too long and forgotten how much I enjoy reading amateur writing.