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Lonelyhearts1224 September 19 2020 13:16:36
Not only to me you are a great story writer, but now I know you are a Great Hero as well. Thank you, kt 6550
Routh August 13 2020 14:36:28
I think I got them all. Some are bots but the ones that post writings are usually humans spreading their garbage. I apparently missed a couple a week ago and that encourages them
MissDartit August 13 2020 13:28:53
hmm think we got our self a BOT hanging around in the den. (Roridoll)
pirate60 July 27 2020 19:18:53
A most interest little piece of work Miss Dartit. Keep up the good work and I wish you the best on your new job
Routh July 23 2020 22:35:48
That's great @missdartit - I'll send you a PM.
MissDartit July 23 2020 20:42:45
Never mind with the picture, was being a numpty Grin.
MissDartit July 23 2020 19:44:10
@Routh i'll help out. Already having some issues with uploading a picture Pfft
Routh July 23 2020 16:25:57
I need users that can help with v5 testing, as I have not had testing or feedback done on the site in over 5 months. I need users that can test and provide feedback weekly or bi-monthly.
Routh July 20 2020 21:35:26
@MissDartit WB! It has been a while. Hope you've been well.
MissDartit July 20 2020 20:10:38
Good Evening peeps. How is everyone, been a very long time since i was last on here. Life has been keeping me busy, but hopefully will have some more time to hang with the old folks on here.
kt6550 July 18 2020 23:52:30
Welcome Firemane2099! Read, comment, and post your work.
Routh July 17 2020 01:58:20
For those with access to the v5 testing forum, please check the updates and retest the site. I've fixed a few reported problems and implemented more features I need feedback on.
Firemane2099 July 13 2020 16:28:08
Greetings everyone. I just signed up today, looking forward to spending the week browsing submissions and getting my own ready.
kt6550 July 09 2020 22:22:28
Just shouting.......about nothing in particular. Pfft
Darkfire July 08 2020 12:33:27
Hey everyone
pirate60 June 30 2020 16:40:34
Greetinga all. Been a while for me too. So much going on that I've had to put writing my books to the side. I hope Don and KT are doing well. Also wanted to say hi to the old gang
kt6550 May 29 2020 21:38:55
Doing well, thank you. Have a humorous story almost ready to post and working on a sci fi novella.
Dnavarre May 26 2020 14:09:28
Kt! Hope you're doing well these days. Are you still writing about vampires?
kt6550 May 23 2020 23:57:41
Good to have some of the old timers coming back. Of course, I never left. Pfft
Dnavarre May 22 2020 18:05:00
This dying fairy spends 2/3 of her single scene comforting the hero she's never met rather than reflecting on her own life or the woman she's been traveling with. Like, what?