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Don Roble December 21 2018 20:42:51
It appears my eye is clearing. i go back on Jan2 and hope to get back writing, Been a while
Darkfire December 20 2018 00:32:50
KT! DON! How's it been!?
kt6550 December 11 2018 21:18:09
Welcome, borst. Please post and read others' works as well. I hope you enjoy working with us.
Lonelyhearts1224 December 10 2018 17:37:59
Saad, just click on picture icon, start writing your message then click on send that should do it!
borst December 07 2018 07:11:16
Mike L B, AlexScribe, kt6550, thank you all for the feedback/constructive criticism you've provided me so far. Glad I found this site.
kt6550 December 06 2018 22:50:22
Hello Noeyrocks!
Noeyrocks December 06 2018 04:48:12
Just wanted to say hello!
Mike L B November 27 2018 20:23:45
Thanks Alex for feedback. Will make noted changes.
Mike L B November 27 2018 19:40:10
Thanks kt6500. Will make change to "wept." Re: "Kerfuffle"--I checked etymology of word and it dates back to 16 th Century Scottish origins as "curfuffle." Word used
Mike L B November 17 2018 23:31:15
Thanks KT6500. Definitely too long. I'm presently contemplating breaking up most of my chapters. Yes, "Gallimaufry" is a strange word not used very often. Appreciate your views.
AlexScribe November 06 2018 05:14:53
No worry, Don. If it were truthful, your wife would probably kill you. Glad to see anything from you -- even a shout.
Don Roble November 05 2018 14:17:21
If I wrote a memoir of my childhood I'd have to go into Witness Protection.
Lonelyhearts1224 October 30 2018 23:05:18
Never mine, figured it out.
Lonelyhearts1224 October 30 2018 22:52:51
I can't seem to post a comment. Can someone please advise
Mike L B October 30 2018 18:35:40
Thank you Alex and KT6550 for your positive feedback and suggestions. I will certainly take them into consideration. I have been very busy with our new grandchild so I haven't had a chance to c
AlexScribe October 25 2018 21:57:18
You're welcome, Mike. Cant relate to you're "Funny" tho since i neber mist misteaks in my stuf.
Mike L B October 25 2018 17:01:49
Thanks Alex. Funny how obvious my error in title was. Funny how writers can sometimes miss blatant mistakes. I appreciate your comments--you are the first person to critique my novel!
Don Roble October 18 2018 22:42:59
An indent shows there is a new paragraph. The first sentence in a chapter or scene doesn't need that.
AlexScribe October 18 2018 11:25:55
You're right, Don. 20 of my English langauage fictions, multi genres, all US: 4 with & 16 without initial indents. Maybe CAN & UK more consistent.
Don Roble October 17 2018 17:45:48
In fiction, there is no space between paragraphs unless the focus changes. Non-fiction is different.