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pirate60 January 12 2022 21:33:27
Been a while so I thought I'd pop in to check out the old gang
moodyt December 21 2021 16:38:02
ok @routh.
Routh December 20 2021 16:35:09
@moodyt I've been looking into the submission errors. They are transient and hard to track. But usually just retrying fixes it.
Darkfire December 20 2021 01:18:31
Hey everyone!
moodyt December 17 2021 15:54:22
HI. I just joined the Den. I'm unable to submit my work. is the server down or something?
Routh December 10 2021 19:40:43
I have plans to introduce a 'favorites' system to indicate how much a piece is liked and allow folks to discover peoples favorite works as an alternative.
Routh December 10 2021 19:40:36
Good to see you flickeringfairy - FWIW, the ratings system will be deprecated in version 5. It's not very effective.
flickeringfairy December 02 2021 19:10:38
If anyone is up for rating my old stuff, I'd appreciate the feedback. Guess the new system requires new ratings. Beautiful site Rough!
flickeringfairy December 02 2021 19:08:32
I've missed writing. Not enough time in my life and I've missed interacting on here. Glad to see some old faces are still around.
Routh November 25 2021 01:49:50
Moved now and mostly unpacked - went ok, we managed to avoid landslides.
Mythbhavd November 16 2021 18:24:32
Hope the move is going well, Chris.
Routh November 12 2021 21:00:33
Big moving day next week as I bought my first house. I will be unavailable for most of the move. If anything urgent comes up Admin - please directly contact me on email.
Mythbhavd November 11 2021 20:39:56
Good afternoon, Denites!
Mythbhavd November 03 2021 13:12:59
Good mornin', Dennies!
Mythbhavd October 29 2021 19:14:14
For some reason, I couldn't get it the shoutbox to accept it when I would type Storyteller. Who knows? Shoutbox has been wonky for me. lol
Routh October 29 2021 02:45:59
I think you mean the Storyteller's Fire section, unless that was a slip of the dropdown. Smile
Mythbhavd October 28 2021 15:05:08
Posted a link to an article by author L. E. Modesitt in the poetry section of our discussion forums.
Mythbhavd October 28 2021 15:04:35
Mornin' Dennies!
Routh October 27 2021 14:47:32
Morning @Mythbhavd
Mythbhavd October 27 2021 13:19:04
Good mornin', Dennies!