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Blue Violet February 24 2020 04:19:01
hello! I am back with another very short scene/story Smile)
Routh February 18 2020 23:03:23
So based on the double negative.. he has been around as long as you @kt6550 ?
kt6550 February 18 2020 22:27:05
Welcome, Cos99. Write, submit, and read others work!
kt6550 February 18 2020 21:46:47
Congrats, Darkfire! But you ain't not been around as long as me! heh heh Smile
kt6550 February 18 2020 21:46:02
Sorry to hear that Don. Please take care and I hope you get into a home quickly.
Cos99 February 16 2020 17:31:26
Grateful to get involved with this writing community.
Routh February 16 2020 15:09:49
@Darkfire Congrats!
Routh February 16 2020 15:08:52
Don, I am terribly sorry to hear that. Hope all is sorted out soon.
Darkfire February 16 2020 03:11:50
In 9 days it'll be my 10 year anniversary of joining this site!!
Don Roble February 15 2020 16:06:14
I'm not going to bed around for a while. I was burned out, No one hurt but motels are no place to work.
Lonelyhearts1224 February 11 2020 11:39:19
Wishing all writers here a great Valentine's Day.
kt6550 February 08 2020 21:41:41
Good to see we are getting more poetry. There was a dearth of it for a while.
Routh February 07 2020 04:17:17
Some of us were writing mushy teenage goop on this site 22 years ago Wink
Mulberry January 30 2020 11:20:02
It's wild to see that this site is still going, I remember posting embarrassing teenage goop on here 11 years ago XD Keep up the good work!
Lostsoul146 January 29 2020 22:46:09
Thank you for the comments.
Don Roble January 26 2020 19:00:21
Okasy, kt, I'll take your word for it. I don't listen to that stuff.
Routh January 25 2020 03:29:29
For those helping with feedback on v5, there is a new forum you will see when logged in. Please centralize feedback there.
kt6550 January 24 2020 22:35:39
@Don Roble. re:chaotic harmony. Listen to the ballet "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky. Cool
onix January 20 2020 22:15:23
Thank you kt6550
Don Roble January 20 2020 21:08:29
I am an expert editor. I have been around a long time. I have sold 6 books. I am very good. Read the following.