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Darkfire November 10 2019 20:09:55
Thanks @Pirate60 ! Here's to trying to make deadlines! lol
Madhatter November 10 2019 15:09:52
Welcome to the Den Setu and Samir!! I look forward to reading more entries, and hearing your feedback on others'. Smile
Madhatter November 10 2019 14:38:36
I got a rating?? haha, well I am a little rusty Smile
Don Roble November 10 2019 14:05:24
Whoever rated Madhatter should be ashamed of that disgrace.
Don Roble November 10 2019 13:57:11
Use colored text from the menu. You shouldn't do anything that childish.
Lonelyhearts1224 November 10 2019 13:45:49
Hello to all, lonely here. Can anyone tell me how to type my pieces using colors???
pirate60 November 10 2019 13:36:58
@ Darkfire: Dec 31. Can't wait DF. Looking forward to getting it.
Madhatter November 09 2019 02:33:53
Smile sometimes its best to stick with the old ways
Don Roble November 08 2019 22:50:13
I can't type on a phone.
kt6550 November 08 2019 22:29:02
@madhatter : Forgive me, I am old, and still prefer using a desktop or a laptop to a smartphone. Cool
Madhatter November 08 2019 03:26:30
Hello, again, who knew trying to do things on my smartphone would be such a pain. Well I have my laptop and can finally function on this site.
Darkfire November 06 2019 04:17:39
Not yet sir! Looking to publish Dec31st! You'll be the first I let know!
Don Roble November 06 2019 00:24:56
I was wrong. The ratings show in the story but not the toc
Don Roble November 05 2019 17:05:28
The ratings won't hold.
pirate60 November 05 2019 10:37:42
Been a long time Darkfire. Have you gotten that book published yet?
kt6550 October 23 2019 20:55:59
Just thought I would say hello to everyone, and, since Halloween is right around the corner, I will post a small story concerning same.
Don Roble October 18 2019 16:34:21
Yea, welcome back.
Routh October 18 2019 15:01:12
WB Darkfire
Darkfire October 17 2019 05:53:22
Hello all!!
Don Roble October 17 2019 00:13:08
I want people to bear in mind that I am not discouraging by my comments. I try to help.