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William Burlin April 04 2020 02:43:16
I'm here to teach myself to hone my writing skills. I have no idea what to write, though. Any ideas as to where and how to start?
Routh April 03 2020 15:34:31
Hope you're staying safe as well Rob.
Rob Kosy April 02 2020 20:56:21
Hi, everyone. Hope you're all staying safe.
kt6550 March 20 2020 22:09:50
To all of you newbies: It's great you are posting. But remember, it's greater if you read and comment as well.
Listopher March 18 2020 23:19:18
Greetings. I am a new member, and recently posted the first chapter of two very different stories I am writing. I hope you have a moment to check them out.
RJPonseti March 12 2020 19:35:52
I am a new member and just submitted my first piece, a poem I wrote some time ago. I hope you enjoy! Feedback always welcome!
whosheeba March 12 2020 08:07:40
Hi everyone, please read my draft Crush! and guide me with your valuable feedback. Thank you. Smile
Routh March 11 2020 22:27:48
There is a link to the site in the V5 Alpha Status thread in the Testing forum. I have not made the link public because I don't want Google indexing the site. Sorry it's a bit of a pain.
Don Roble March 11 2020 13:18:37
Where is the V5 located
Routh March 05 2020 17:21:29
Testers, please check the v5 testing forum for updates.
Don Roble March 02 2020 16:20:35
I decided to post an oldie but goodie.
Routh March 01 2020 05:18:53
Folks, a reminder that I am still looking for people to help test and give feedback on Version 5 as it is developed. If you have a few spare moments each week, please send me a message
Routh March 01 2020 05:17:57
Good to see you around @DesertRat !
Fictitiously imaginative February 29 2020 18:07:07
Hey guys! Back here after a long time. Please read my latest work and let me know what you think! Thanks Smile
DesertRat February 29 2020 16:38:45
Hello everyone it's been a while but I remember most of you. Tip of the hat to the old members and page administrator (Routh). Hope you are all doing well.
Blue Violet February 24 2020 04:19:01
hello! I am back with another very short scene/story Smile)
Routh February 18 2020 23:03:23
So based on the double negative.. he has been around as long as you @kt6550 ?
kt6550 February 18 2020 22:27:05
Welcome, Cos99. Write, submit, and read others work!
kt6550 February 18 2020 21:46:47
Congrats, Darkfire! But you ain't not been around as long as me! heh heh Smile
kt6550 February 18 2020 21:46:02
Sorry to hear that Don. Please take care and I hope you get into a home quickly.