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Don Roble June 20 2022 03:08:15
Nice to "see" you.
Darkfire June 18 2022 14:56:56
Hey Everyone! Stay healthy!
Don Roble June 17 2022 19:55:08
Ratings not showing in the library
Don Roble May 27 2022 23:46:42
Glad to see you. We could use more writers.
Nexeus May 26 2022 19:07:41
Hey everyone! I've been out for quite a long time! It's good to see everything still going. Can't believe I haven't logged in, in so long.
MzRainbow May 10 2022 22:37:49
I updated Motherhood, to the more revised piece and broke it down into parts so It's not so long to read.
MzRainbow May 10 2022 22:14:25
Thank you for the input. I hope the bugs are fixed for you>.<
Routh May 10 2022 19:31:13
Unfortunately this old bucket of bugs (v3) doesn't mix with HA.
Routh May 10 2022 19:30:35
Not exactly certain what the comment issue was, but it appears to be related to the site running redundantly, so I've reduced it to one container.
Routh May 10 2022 19:28:54
Work on v5 is continuing and 1.5 features remain before it can be launched.
Routh May 10 2022 19:16:33
Comment posting issue appears to be resolved.. how it came to be is a mystery.
Don Roble May 09 2022 21:01:18
Can't post a comment
Don Roble May 09 2022 20:57:48
MzRainbow, this is much better. When the focus changes use a new paragraph.
MzRainbow May 04 2022 07:32:13
Okay, Sounds good
Routh May 04 2022 04:32:29
I'll have to delete the account for you anyhow as this version of the site is old and that was never added. No writings on that account, but 3 comments, which I can reattribute.
MzRainbow May 03 2022 22:21:37
I was going to delete Raine falls I don't think I have any writings on it anymore
Routh May 03 2022 14:49:42
I can merge your accounts if you tell me which one you want to keep.
MzRainbow May 02 2022 15:37:11
I apparently have two accounts. This is awkward
Rainefalls May 01 2022 16:02:41
Hey everyone, It's Mzhyper just saying hi to everyone
Routh April 07 2022 16:03:42
As a small update RE: v5, I completed subscriptions and notifications features on the weekend. Private Messages and Karma are the last major features needed for v5 to launch. We're almost there.