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pirate60 November 23 2020 06:16:13
Nice going Chris. Just sent a message to DF and it seems to have gone through
Routh November 22 2020 18:50:19
Use this new power with great care, the PM plugin in v3 is terribly written, it will load all messages at once and make your inbox horribly slow.
Routh November 22 2020 18:49:32
...because I am an admin and bypass the limit. Had to dig into the PM plugins code. Message limit was 200, and you had 201. It's now unlimited.
Darkfire November 22 2020 16:58:02
No problem lol we get it. Smile And yeah I was able to get your message.... strange
Routh November 21 2020 02:20:26
Hmm was able to send one to Pirate as well.
Routh November 21 2020 02:19:44
Hmm, odd - I was able to send you a message Darkfire. That's strange.
Routh November 21 2020 02:18:45
Sorry between being a dad to a 3 year old and being an engineer at Cisco the days fly by. Meant to check on this sooner.
Darkfire November 13 2020 21:36:17
@Routh help! lol We can't talk!
Via-Anghel Magahum November 13 2020 14:27:58
Good morning!
pirate60 November 13 2020 07:45:33
DF Yes I got your message and tried to reply. I got a message saying your inbox was full.
Via-Anghel Magahum November 12 2020 16:09:26
I'm kind of new, so please help me edit my work.
Via-Anghel Magahum November 12 2020 16:08:52
Hello fellow writers!
Darkfire November 10 2020 22:34:03
Grin not sure why, I've no unread messages. Maybe i should delete some..
pirate60 November 10 2020 07:25:49
Hey DF. your message folder is full. Read your mail. Arrrgh
Darkfire November 09 2020 14:31:24
Think i'm just going to finish it and let the chips fall where they may.
Darkfire November 09 2020 14:30:52
Hey Pirate! I was just thinking about you. I've realized over the years that the thing stopping me from finishing my book is trying to make things too perfect. It'll never be that way
pirate60 November 08 2020 22:15:21
I was just looking at my submited work and realized that I haven't reposted all the ones that got lost in that server crash we had a long time ago. I'll have to re post them
pirate60 November 07 2020 21:20:19
Good to see ya DF. How goes that book of yours?
kt6550 November 07 2020 20:19:15
Hello Darkfire!
Darkfire November 07 2020 15:27:37
Hello everyone