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Darkfire July 08 2020 12:33:27
Hey everyone
pirate60 June 30 2020 16:40:34
Greetinga all. Been a while for me too. So much going on that I've had to put writing my books to the side. I hope Don and KT are doing well. Also wanted to say hi to the old gang
kt6550 May 29 2020 21:38:55
Doing well, thank you. Have a humorous story almost ready to post and working on a sci fi novella.
Dnavarre May 26 2020 14:09:28
Kt! Hope you're doing well these days. Are you still writing about vampires?
kt6550 May 23 2020 23:57:41
Good to have some of the old timers coming back. Of course, I never left. Pfft
Dnavarre May 22 2020 18:05:00
This dying fairy spends 2/3 of her single scene comforting the hero she's never met rather than reflecting on her own life or the woman she's been traveling with. Like, what?
Dnavarre May 22 2020 17:58:37
The ladies bother me. They're strong, capable, done so much...but when the protag, some random guy, is around they defer to him.
Routh May 22 2020 15:32:57
It's been a while since I read WFR, but yes it does. The first book is all about him and the reasons are apparent at the end. The subsequent books get much more into the other characters.
Dnavarre May 21 2020 17:01:26
Because I'm 80 pages into "Wizard's First Rule" and WOOOOOOOW does the world revolve around this protagonist
Dnavarre May 21 2020 16:23:41
What's everybody reading? How you feeling about it?
Don Roble May 21 2020 00:55:07
Glad to see some of the old gang back.
Madhatter May 17 2020 03:27:43
I haven’t forgotten about my fellow Denizens... life is crazy isn’t it? Hoping I get time to really stalk this page as usual. ❤️
Dnavarre May 11 2020 16:38:17
Oh! Yesterday I bought a woodburning pen! So I'm playing around with that.
Dnavarre May 11 2020 16:32:30
Eh, ups and downs, you know. Working a desk job, gaming, visiting nature every now and then. Walked up a mountain. Drove to Houston on a whim. Joined Pride parades and protests. Built a lot of LEGO.
Routh May 11 2020 15:25:01
Doing well Dnavarre, and how have you been?
Dnavarre May 07 2020 18:07:15
It's been a little while since I've checked's everybody been the last 7 or so years? Anything interesting happen?
ulctomas April 25 2020 20:19:58
Feel free to be critical on my first short story.
kt6550 April 23 2020 23:22:01
Welcome CouldTryHarder. Write, post, and read other's postings and comment on them. And welcome!
CouldTryHarder April 23 2020 19:28:05
Hi Everyone. New here and a new writer. Really excited to grow as a writer.
Don Roble April 20 2020 01:50:02
I know a lot of people are hoarding tp. I have a better solution. After wiping, set it aside and let it dry. That makes it reusabe