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ConsciousShadow Posted 5 years ago
Hello all, I've posted a few chapters of the book I wrote to get some feedback. This is hopefully my last revision before I self publish. Though I might try the old fashion way as well.

The book is the first part in a seven part series. I have the entire series laid out and outlined and have significant information laid out to create an immersive fictional world.

I have a couple questions that I would like to ask in this discussion:
1. Has anyone used a professional editor before self publishing?
2. Has anyone gone the traditional publishing route?

The last item I'd like to discuss is comments.

Please leave any comments you'd like, but what I am looking for are comments on the story itself.

I haven't taken any writing classes, and am not a grammar savant. I am just a guy who loves to write.
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Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 5 years ago
The story has some merits as to interest. The problem is it isn't written well enough to publish. There are many serious flaws in the writing. It has bad grammar. It doesn't flow. It goes off in tangents.

I haven't taken any writing classes, and am not a grammar savant. I am just a guy who loves to write. - this all fine and dandy. It doesn't mean anything as to publishing. The reader won't know or care. Would you?

Whether you go to a trad publisher or self-publish is up to you. Don't send a manuscript to a publisher; send to an agent. Publishers toss unsolicited manuscripts away. The odd are against you.

Hiring an editor is expensive. Hiring a formatter might make sense but not an editor. You would have to sell a thousand books to break even. 97% of self-published books sell nothing. The 3% sell a little. Less than .1% of self-published books make any real money. That's not to discourage you but to tell you how hard it is to make back money you pay someone to do anything.

I use my wife as my "editor". She spots the mistakes I make and read past. I also have posted things here to get honest reviews. It's next to impossible to do all of your own editing because you will read past your error. It's a " I know what I meant" sort of thing. We all do it. We type their when we mean they're. We don't see it because we know what we mean.

Do not believe the nonsense that self-publishing is a gold mine. Many self-published authors lie. It's as simple as that. Think about this: Amazon has 65% of the market. They have 9 million titles. They have 4 million authors. If one author sells a lot, there has to be many who sell very little.

I doubt this is what you want to hear but it is the truth. None of that stopped me from publishing. I haven't made a lot but I'm in the 3%. I'm not in the .1%. I published in order to have my writing in a place where my great-grandchildren would be able to see them. I make about 25-30 dollars a month on four books. I'm considered a success in the self-publishing world.

Take this for what it means. Publish if you want. If you pay an editor you will likely never earn enough to get it back. You may sell a million copies and make a fortune. There is no way to know. I do know you won't sell this the way it is.

Good luck whatever you do.
Rob Kosy
Rob Kosy Posted 4 years ago
Now that's a proper critique and hard, fair and good advice.

The one draw back for me about E-books, Kindle & such is that 'anyone' can publish. For example there's a guy who puts out fabulous, professional covers and calls himself Stephen King. The type face is even similar, very much similar, in-fact. But he is not the Stephen King. a fact that is painfully evident once you start suffering......I mean reading.

There are also some excellent stories and ideas but the writing is not to the standard you would expect.
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