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Dcouch87 Posted 7 years ago
So, I've written short stories and some poetry. Never tried to get any of it published outside of some of my poems via I'm not even sure still exists as a site).
I haven't written anything in years, but a few months ago got the urge to write and voala here I am. I have nearly half my story written in the rough draft. Gotta go back and add the meat and potatoes later on. But the important stuff is there. Had a few friends read it so far and they said it's great. But I'm searching for someone or a few someones that will read it, and critique it, gives me pointers, and I can bounce ideas off of.
My story is a historical fiction. It follows the younger of two brothers during world war 2. The older brother enlists in the army air corps just before Pearl, and the younger lies about his age and enlists just after. The older gets shot down and the younger tries to go find him.
I've got the basics figured out, and have it half written. I'm keeping it as accurate as I can historically, doing tons of research. I just need people to bounce ideas off of and who can help me better edit it. Any takers?
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Dcouch87 Posted 7 years ago
I posted chapter 1 already. Since making this thread, I've gone from 7 chapters to 10. And 25,000 words.
Demonic Posted 6 years ago
I'd love to check it out. I'm kind of in the same boat as you, writing a story but don't have all of it worked out yet. I'll have to check out chapter one. :)
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