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KP Posted 8 years ago

I'm wondering if somebody can help me. I was registered on here a few months back and was unable to log in for a while. then I noticed that my profile had been removed. I had posted one story and one poem and had received some feed back so that would of shown that my profile was active so I'm unsure why my profile was removed. can anybody help?
Routh Posted 8 years ago

The Den suffered a data loss in December. All writings and user accounts created after 2011 were lost.
Chris Routh
Founder of The Den of Amateur Writing

"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man and let history make its own judgments." - Riker, Star Trek The Next Generation
XxDARKGHOSTZX9 Posted 4 years ago
Your joking... I had 30 writings on here.. They were the only copies i had.. Due to a fire... I really wish id been informed at the very least .. My username back then had been Vayl.. Im not to sure that i will use this site for publishing material due to such a critical error.
Greg Posted 4 years ago
So if I'm getting this correct, you take advantage of a site that was created for you to be free to use, it's moderated and maintained (for free)and made to be open to share you writings with the world (for free) with some nice formatting tools and access for others to give you feedback (for free)... And you are salty. Because YOU are allowed to have unplanned terrible things happen to you (a "fire") but the owner of this (free) site isn't allowed to have an unplanned terrible data loss.
Also you wanted an email notification even though it was made clear that usernames (and the corresponding email address, one can assume) were all lost.
Also you used this site as a backup of your hard copies (for free).
Also you think publishing happens here.

Just want to make sure I'm reading you correctly.
Routh Posted 4 years ago
@XxDARKGHOSTZX9 First off, I am and always have been terribly sorry for the data loss that had occurred. It was my first and only data loss in 22 years of the site being online, so give me some credit there.

I am sorry that you suffered a dual data loss in this case, the circumstance is unfortunate.

But on the level; Greg has made some pretty good bullet points here.

I'm not a rich person, yet I put hundreds of dollars, as well as hundreds of hours, into maintaining and hosting this site each year. I do it because I want to provide a haven for new writers and old writers to come together and share their craft, but not so people can publish here. Publishing should be done in ebook form on sites like Amazon, Kobo or Smashwords. There are new ones as well.

To put this in numbers:

- Linode hosting for The Den and supporting infrastructure: $95 USD a month
- Power costs for home-based servers for Development and staging environments, as well as build servers: $40 CAD a month+Hardware maintenance (averages about $200 a year just with disk replacements.

This current infrastructure has redundancy and backups to prevent the data loss from reoccuring, but it is expensive and relies on me having enough room in my budget to afford it.

The year of the data loss I was:

- Working 3 minimum wage part time cooking jobs to make ends meet.
- Hosting the den from home on self built infrastructure, struggling to find time for maintenance.
- Unable to afford any of the very expensive backup options at the time.

And the worst case scenario bit me at that time. I lost two out of 5 disks in my RAID array, which was too much to be able to recover the redundancy. Had I caught the first one soon enough I would have been ok, but I caught it a day too late due to work schedule.

I managed to find a backup of version 3 of the site on my desktop, but lost all copies of version 4's database; I only managed to recover its code. So we rolled back to the last known good state.

The internet has changed since then. With cheap backup options like Backblaze, and cheap cloud options like Linode, I'm in a better state to prevent any repeats and recover should it be repeated. But's not cheap. I'm the sole earner for a family of 3, and my budget is tight. I still make this site work because I want it to.
Chris Routh
Founder of The Den of Amateur Writing

"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man and let history make its own judgments." - Riker, Star Trek The Next Generation
XxDARKGHOSTZX9 Posted 4 years ago
Sir i had an extremely awful day at that time. My spouse was in the hospital, and my family member passed away and my twin brother passed on all in the same month. I am truly sorry for the way that i acted . I am normally not prone to such reactions. The fault was mine and i responded in anger due to my own circumstances.. I apologize sincerely and will use this site as a means to portray future literary work. As it stands, before i noticed your reply i had already updated one work on my profile earlier today. Please forgive and if there is any format or situation. That i can help with i would be more then happy too.
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