Farewell, Sir Terry

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Rob Kosy
Rob Kosy Posted 8 years ago
I was so saddened to hear of the death today of one of Britain's best loved authors, Sir Terry Pratchett.

For those members of the Den who aren't familiar with his work, Terry Pratchett was the author of the famous 'Disc World' series; the first penned in 1983, the last in 2014. The series is, fundamentally, a p**s take of life, set on a disc planet which is held up by three elephants who, in turn, are standing on the back of a giant turtle named Atuin (don't know if I spelled that correctly but I ain't going through my Pratchet collection at this hour).

Sadly Sir Terry was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease in 2007, an illness which eventually saw off this much loved, talented and generous man.

I loved Terry's books, his take on life and his all around silliness. He gave so much pleasure to millions and like all great entertainers (particularly those of the comedic persuasion), his death seems to hit just that little bit harder; particularly given that he arranged the announcement of his own death via a poignant Twitter post. In the post Death (a prominent character in Disc World who always spoke in CAPITAL LETTERS) comes to collect Terry for his final journey.


"Terry took Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black dessert under the endless night."

"The End."

Wow, what a writer he was; and what a man!
Never sharpen fish in the presence of doves........
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Routh Posted 8 years ago
I heard of this today, and was immediately saddened. The man will be missed. First Nimoy, now Pratchett. Will 2015 be the year of dying geek icons?
Chris Routh
Founder of The Den of Amateur Writing

"Don't try to be a great man; just be a man and let history make its own judgments." - Riker, Star Trek The Next Generation
savage_cushions Posted 7 years ago
Hi Rob, just read your tribute to Terry Pratchett. Were it not for your kind comparisons of my Flatpack stuff with Terry's wonderful books, I would probably never have read any of the discworld novels. You recommended that I read The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents which I did, followed by Going Postal and The Colour of Magic and I was hooked. Such a sad loss, oh - to be that prolific.
How are things Rob, and more importantly, how are the herrings? Do they still stir periodically?
I am trying to upload chapter 16 of Flatpack at the moment but have an italics problem which Mr Routh is looking into.
Hope you're keeping well and are still writing - surely plenty of inspiration in the recent election result (?). Boy do I hate David Maceroon!
Savage Cushions

"If I had all the money I've spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink"
Rob Kosy
Rob Kosy Posted 7 years ago
Mr Cushions, please receive my cyber hug along with a massive apology for such a delayed reply.
I myself am fine and hoping that you and yours are in a similar fettle.
Time is a meagre mistress at the moment and, would you believe, I have written nothing (accept cheques) since this post; lots of family stuff going on . My mam, though not ill, isn't in the best of conditions physically and requires a lot more help than just twelve months ago. Stick that in the pot with a new management regime at work, allow to simmer for twelve months and out comes the best time/stress sandwich you could ever hope to feast upon. At last count the number of unpaid, extra, hours I have bagged at my place of employ totals three weeks. Blimey, with 21 days of uninterrupted writing I could have finished 'the herrings' and cornered the weird/slightly uncomfortable comedy market.
But enough that, onward and upwards as pompous, upper class knobs like to say.
Many thanks for your response to my "Sir Terry" post. I really was gutted at his passing. But since we have our very own 'Savage Pratchet' here on the den, his style (unwittingly echoed by your talented self) shall live on.
As for the election, you were right, Mr Cushions. the herrings were secreting a few creative juices. However, I have been unable to absorb and act upon them because of said time constraints. having said that David Macaroon has enjoyed a few scribbled notes upon the back of work memos and wage slips. Though I call him David Car Moron, since he obviously a cap driver since we never see him........driving.
Blimey, this is the longest time I've spent on the den all year.
Merry Christmas, savage. I hope you and yours have an excellent one and enjoy a fantastic new year.
Never sharpen fish in the presence of doves........
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