Hi there, new guy here with a question.

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EvilUncleEarnie Posted 6 years ago
I have been kicking around writing a book/story/whatever for quite a while now. Finally last year I started typing. It is in the Sword/hack and slash/D&D type fantasy world (In other words I used a lot of my RPG characters and things from various games that I have played in, to come up with a story with them in it).

My question is, not really sure how to describe this...

I am having trouble with format. I am writing the "storyline" from a bunch of people's viewpoints and am confused on how to do this so it is fluent and not confusing.

What I have been doing so far now; I write what is going on from one character and then go back and write what the other characters are doing or seeing and/or thinking. It seems to end up with a lot of repetition where I describe the same incident two or three times with a few differences..

Not sure how I should handle this....
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pirate60 Posted 6 years ago
You got me there. I'm afraid I have never done much RPG's. My guess, and that's what it is, Is making each persons view into short separate chapters. Obviously if the characters are going through the same event scene those scenes will be similar. A question if I may. Are these Characters entering the scene at different times or at the same time? If at the same time, you should keep it one chapter per event and leap around. Hope that helps some although I'm not sure it did. This idea is interesting. We do have a few Gamer's here so maybe they can help a bit more.
EvilUncleEarnie Posted 6 years ago
OK Cool... Thanks for the reply. Some are all together at the scene, and some come and go... Plus I have one who speaks a language only one other person can translate... LOL I try to make it as hard on myself as I can...

The reason I decided to go with the characters I had made up for various RPG games, is because I basically "knew" them and their backstory. That way it was easy to just try and develop a story around them instead of having to try and come up with totally new people...

Anyway thanks again..
Darkfire Posted 6 years ago
You might want to take a gander at the GOT series. G. R.R. Martain does this a lot.
common Posted 6 years ago
I'd say perhaps you need to involve all the characters together as one. By this I mean they are all in the same scene/setting etc. So they are all in a way viewing the same thing, they may just have differing opinions on what they are in fact seeing/feeling etc.

Another way of doing it is having say two characters and then a meeting point where the story meets the two view points and continues it all as a whole. As in character A is going about their quest, journey within the setting and that is one chapter. Whilst character A is doing that character B will take place in the second chapter or second part of CH1 and it will outline what they did whilst A did their thing and then the meeting point is then joining back together to continue the quest/journey together.

That is a very rough response and I hope it make sense. Feel free to message me if you need anymore help. Have played many RPG games myself, so will try and assist where I can.

Good luck.
EvilUncleEarnie Posted 6 years ago
Thanks again for the suggestions... I have written poems and short stories, but something this involved is a challenge. Thanks again...
Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 6 years ago
This sounds like you want to write this in the style of "The Seven Samurai's". You can find a short summary of it online. It tells about seven men who saw the same thing and told the story differently.
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