What inspires you?

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Sariel Posted 14 years ago
When you are writing poetry? For me it's almost always a phrase. I will hear or read one, and it will strike the spark of inspiration in me, and i will sit down and write an entire poem based on it.

So what inspires the rest of you?
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Mythbhavd Posted 14 years ago
That's a really good question. It depends on the style of writing. As a poet, I'd say that its usually an emotion for me. Whether it is serious or silly, the poem comes from something I'm feeling. The words just seem to be there when I go to write. Sometimes I get stuck, but it flows fairly easily once I've figured out the emotion and what caused it.
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Routh Posted 14 years ago
I'm a strange bird and most aspects of my persona are rather diverse, writing being no exception. Many things can inspire me for poetry - songs, emotions, scenery, a pretty face, an event, a tv program, friends... so many things, so little time to write them down...
Chris Routh
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Marie A
Marie A Posted 14 years ago
WHat inspires me? Just about anything that has words, color, or light.
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BetsyBaby Posted 14 years ago
It seems as though almost anything can inspire me. A lot of it comes from my husband and my little boy. Or someone will say something that strikes me in just the right way that it will spark an idea.
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