Stumbled upon a new writing community...

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tjwell01 Posted 10 years ago
Okay, it's not brand new, but....

Just thought I'd pass along some thoughts...I think the options for writing communities aren't as vast and fruitful as I previously hypothesized when I first set out to experiment in them. In fact, there might be only 4 or 5 good sites worth publishing your work on. In all honesty, right? They also get blurred together. The Den is one of them for sure, but I also noticed Harper Collins' is back online with a new look...if you didn't know, and it looks pretty cool.

I used to post work on their old site because I liked the fact that their editors actually want to publish the best work on the site--which is an amazing feature I think. Everyone talks about e-publishing and self-publishing but Inkpop also does that. Also like that the site feels like a real forum that listens to concerns. We all know what it's like to live in packed yet quiet forum when it seems like no one is listening...this is my recurrent reality at least.

Regardless, I'll be checking out the new site again soon after I finish a big project of mine. The Den rocks, but I'm willing to give InkPop another shot just for a change of scenery.

Might as well take a chance on finding a better space for better feedback.

PS. Saw this really cool success story on e-publishing at NYT:
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Dnavarre Posted 10 years ago
Well, it's not like we here at the Den aren't interested in publishing as well. The problem comes with the question "How?" The site is not-for-profit and most of the time relies on its members to keep ticking. It's a small community, not visited by publishers (and, really, how many worthwhile publishers actually go looking for books? Not many, I'd wager).

At one point, there were talks of starting an annual book series by the Den (using Cafepress, if I remember correctly) where a number of selected writings would be published, but problems arose and it did not come to pass. Not to say it won't some day.

Of course, any person can stem out with e-publishing. I've almost done it myself with Amazon Kindle's publishing offer and again almost submitted a short story to a science-fiction magazine. I didn't go through with either of them, but it's just examples of how easily anybody can.

Also, I don't think you ever got an official welcome. Welcome to the Den!
tjwell01 Posted 10 years ago
I agree e-publishing is tricky--I was just pointing out the cool feature about the site. Plus, I'm always on the look out for the new writing community.
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