Does this happen to everyone?

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elegantminded Posted 11 years ago
Hey! I'm new here. I'm an amateur writer. I find it very easy to write stuff in my head but very hard to actually put those words (in my head) very difficult. Any tips on how to get over that??? Also, I'm finding it very difficult to develop personalities of my characters. My protagonist's character okay but the others....I'm finding it very hard. Ive come to the middle of my book (in my head not in paper) but I find it very hard to get ideas to move on. I also don't have any idea on how to end my book. Is this what people call writer's block? If so how do I get over it? Where do I get inspiration from? Thanks a lot everyone. This place has been amazing so far!!
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Vermithrax Posted 11 years ago
Writers block..I tend tio think not. You say the ideas are in your head, and that the problem is getting them from the concept you have, and turning them into acgtual words.

The only cure for this, that I'm aware of is - just write.
Write your ideas down - in a notebook; on a pc screen; hell - you you can scribble them on toilet tissue in that most esteemed thniking place, if it helps.

What it comes down to, is that initial and monumental act of putting pen to paper, metaphorically speaking. getting something concrete down, that can be seen; read; mulled over - and improved.

It's said that the brain is a muscle; that needs constant stimulation in order to flourish. This could also be said of writing; the more you do it, the stronger - the better- you get.

Write; read - write; read - read what you've written aloud, and see what it sounds like. Write some more, and keep on writing. The more you write, the more you'll see what needs improvment, what lacks detail,, what needs more detail. Visualise your ideas, and write what you see in your minds eye.

For instance; you have a person. Doesn't matter who he is; he's just some guy. Try to describe him. How tall is he? How fat or thin is he? Does he look strong? weedy? narsissistic? What color are his eyes? his skin? Does he vae any distinguishing features? Does he walk with a limp? What sort of personality does he exude? What does he sound like, when he talks?

Make up a character checklist; try to fill in as many of the blanks as possible. The clearer you can describe him, the better we will see your dude in our minds.

'He had blue eyes.' is nondescript. Go for, his eyes were the color of faded porcelain, and gazed steadily out from beneath thick arched brows. You can do this; it's easy.

When you've gotten used to that, try to refine things. Get used to details - the fine points of your story. Creat his world; people it with other well drawn people. Don't skimp on your words where background is concerned either; the saying, 'the Devil is in the detail.' has never been truer than in the art of creative fiction.

If you've made it to the end of this rambling monologue, then - go for it - you can do it. You made it this far, so you must be serious. If you need help, give me a PM.

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jadedjade24 Posted 11 years ago
When it comes to things like character personalites, I let them come on their own. I start writing and whatever feels right for that character, I let happen. When I am writing, I dont normally have a destination in mind, just a concept that changes as I wirte because I see that the characters I created have taken a different path than I had originally imagined.

Some people say to me, 'I really want to write, but I dont know what about.' And I tell them to think about what they like to write about most. What kind of characters, what genre...and after I get that information, its like the story forms itself in my head, and all I can do is hope I can write fast enough to get it all down before it slips away.

All that I really have to say is, put some of the ideas down on paper, you might be suprised how much this actually will help you out of those rocky areas. Also, dont be afraid to contact someone here for help. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of colaberation to get the creative juices flowing!
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elegantminded Posted 11 years ago
Thznks for the help guys.....I have finally started WRITING!! Today, at recess, I just went to my library, took out my book and started writing. Ive put the Prologue to my story up here. Please check it out. Now that Ive started actually putting it on paper, so many new ideas seem to be coming to me. It is amazing!! Thanks A LOT!
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trubolotta Posted 6 years ago
Just a few suggestions from someone who has done a lot of technical writing but now wants to do SciFi writing.

  1. 1. Set up a crib sheet of people (or entities), places and things with descriptions to help you be consistent throughout the story. You don't have to reveal all detail at one time, but being consistent over a period of time helps readers.
  2. 2. I write a plot outline and sometimes three, four or five. Some interconnect, some do not. Some I dump and some I polish. It doesn't take long and can be very generalized using your own brand of shorthand.
  3. 3. Work your chapters. I'll rewrite, chop and mince a chapter as much as necessary until it reads and fits the way I want it to read and fit. I've even scrapped entire chapters, salvaging only a few good parts and dropping the rest.
  4. 4. Ideas sheet - its a document I always keep to paste in ideas I think were good but just in the wrong place in the story.
  5. 5. Finally, don't take my word for it. I'm brand new at fiction writing and I'm sure more experienced writers can give you good advice.
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