Idea for an epic story

Last updated on 9 years ago
mcglone Posted 9 years ago
i think the top 5... maybe 10 writers on the Den should join together and write a story together, like a chapter each sort of situation... i don't know, just something with all their ideas in an ways of writing in one amazing story :O
Vermithrax Posted 9 years ago
How do you define who is in the top ten?

I think I'm pretty good, (no ego here,) but there are fifteen, even thirty writers here, that are better than I am.

Rather you than me; trying to decide. Smile

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Please Do Not Cling To Me; I Swear I Can't Fix You.
Dnavarre Posted 9 years ago
Collaboration has been touched on before here. Make it happen, if you can.
Courage is the cruelest friend you can have. It'll get you to the doorstep of your desire, then abandon you. The rest is all you.
mcglone Posted 9 years ago
not meaning to "bump old threads" or anything but i still agree with my original post.
And a way to see you deserves a place could be down to a poll? or maybe even ask people to write a section and decide on what they write?
It can be done in many ways.
But like i said before, if maybe it was like a short-ish story then each writer could get a short chapter each or two or maybe even just a character they wish to expand on. i Dont know really, it is just an idea i wish to give everyone and see what their thoughts are on it. Would be so amazing if it came to life though and we saw some writers wanting to participate.
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