Games which i have played this year

Last updated on 10 years ago
mcglone Posted 11 years ago
some games ive had for a while but i still occasionally play because they are fun Smile

- Metal Gear solid 4 - the only bad thing about it is the installs Frown they fail miserably
- Prototype - really fun for crazy of the top building running and slicing up Pfft
- InFamous - pretty cool game, its like star wars meets gta which has a baby with F.E.A.R :L
- LittleBigPlanet - all time fav Smile i only wish my ps3 didnt ylod me otherwise i would still be making amazing story-driven levels. woop
- FIFA 10 - alright game for them nights where there is nothing else to do
- Call of Duty: Black Ops - only just started replaying it just because my girlfriends brother is beating me, but is good for a competitive person.
- Sim City 4 - ahhh classic, i love this game. i love the mechanics of it its just legendary
- Capitalism 2 - great complex business game and fun to buy out other companies.
- Red Dead Redemption - imagine sex + more sex - the effort + revolvers?
- Gran Turismo 5 - long fan of the ever so delayed game franchise Smile
- Dead Rising 2 - slightly annoying but still quite fun to slice zombies up with a chainsaw taped to a paddle.

ahhh games are amazing.
Dnavarre Posted 11 years ago
Playing Assassin's Creed 2 myself...much, much better than the first.
Si-Shen Posted 10 years ago
If you enjoyed AC2 Dnavarre, you will enjoy Brotherhood even more Smile recently finished it myself.

For the most part I am currently bouncing between Mass Effect 2 and Age of Wonders 2 and AoW Shadow magic.
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Dnavarre Posted 10 years ago
Mass Effect 2 was also excellent for the first half, but slowed when trying to gather your partner's loyalty for the last half. I'll half to search for Age of Wonders...sounds like a Civilization game.
Kholm Posted 10 years ago
I just played Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I wanted to cry the whole time. But at the same time it is probly one of the best games I have played in a good long while.

Playing morrowind again, because I -still- have not managed to get everything in that game done.

And fighters. I'll take anyone on in Guilty gear or street fighter, but other then this I dont really play too many video games anymore. they are all very stock and boring. Everything that comes out I have played before, but better. Too much focus on deadlines and graphics and not enough gameplay.

Oh, and I played Lost Odyssey and Resonance of fate. Both great games.
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JonPWills Posted 10 years ago
Kholm if you like JRPG's you owe it to yourself to play Tales of Vesperia on xbox 360, so much fun!

Even a year and three months after I bought it I am still playing it, not counting reloads I have logged 265 hours on it.
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jadedjade24 Posted 10 years ago
BioShock I and II have to be some of my all time favorite games. But I cant forget L4D and L4D2, for whenever I just want to go on a zombie stomping crusade.

curently waiting on Mass Effect 3, Portal 2, and BioShock Infinity to be released for my gaming pleasure. Also hoping for a L4D3 lol.
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