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Unholy_Prior Posted 10 years ago
y0, being new to "The Den of Amateur Writing" i thought i might as well jump into the mix. I aspire to write a novel or two in my lifetime and have a few works in different stages, however in my latest attempt i came across a difference of opinion and i wish to see what some of you fellows on here think of it. My question is this:

When writing a Fiction book (not in a first person view) , and while progressing the story along, do you believe that it is more seemly or not to introduce facts about the story (setting, circumstances, opinions of characters, undercurrents in the plot) in plan spoken context or to give the most general information and have the character ask or seek the details and explain it to the reader as the character becomes aware of its relevance?

a little background:
the novel (if you could call it that at this point) details about a young man and the ordeal he faces it starts of with probably 10% of the detail and information i plan to intoduce later in the book, but i do this as to show that he doesnt know a lot of the information in the begining but i plan to give it to him later on in the book.

what im looking for:
Should i give general information until and if the character seeks after it and upon learning said information, thus inform the reader or should i present the reader with the information without the character as yet being aware of the relevance?

Sorry in advance for any confusion on my part,
Vermithrax Posted 10 years ago
how you release the details of your tale is down to you, as the author. All I would say, is that, cliched though it is, the phrase 'the devil is in the detail' is never truer than in writing.

The more detailed the story, the better. The characters become more real - more believable. The setting in which they exist becomes richer; mare tapestried.

I personally, only tend to reveal parts of the actual plot, or storyline, as I go along. This leaves me space to manoeuvre, should I wish to change anything.

Keeping the narratiive fluid however, can be a two-edged sword, so beware. Try and have at least an overall idea of what you wish to accomplish.

Introduction - ending.

Eveything else is fill. How well you fill the tale, is down to you.

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Dnavarre Posted 10 years ago
Whatever you choose, do it in moderation. Don't tell your readers a hundred things about a person in one sitting, and never release details about every character right away. Let it become relevant, and always remember to make things important. Don't say a character is good-looking and never have anybody get up to him. Use it!

A mix is pretty good for side character, though.

P.S., I love the Steam joke. I waited three hours for Portal to download last week.
Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 10 years ago
There's no right or wrong. Whatever works is what matters.
Unholy_Prior Posted 10 years ago
Thanks for the responses guys. I know that what i write and how i write it is ultimately up to me, but i have run into both forms i was talking about in different authors, my idea here was to try and see which is more popular:

1 having the reader learn about things (setting,circumstances,etc) along with the character with only a general knowledge in the start and so the reader and the character progress together


2 having the reader learn and know about things (setting,circumstances,etc) without the character being aware of them or their relevance as of yet.

i guess this is just a form of writer block on my part :p but thanks anyways
Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 10 years ago
It doesn't matter what's popular; it's not a contest. Post a chapter here and you'll get some feedback to help you.
kt6550 Posted 10 years ago
'Nuff said!
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