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common Posted 10 years ago
Hey all.

Working on a new piece. Could take me awhile as I'm, well, lazy. It's called 'A Noir Story'


My question is:

At the moment I have no great idea on where I am wanting to take this story. But feel I could make something of it. Something worthy of a read.

But if it were to be written in such a way that is rather unorthodox and may not make great sense till the end, would that even work entirely? As it would all connect back to the protagonist in a certain way and portray a side if not many sides to said protagonist.

Just wanted some thoughts on the matter.

I understand, not a very clear cut question by any means. So understandable if it makes no sense at all.

But if it doesn't than my excuse is....hey, I'm an Aussie
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Dnavarre Posted 10 years ago
Would you blindly search for a place? No, you'd need something akin to a breadcrumb trail. Some answers, not the big ones, need to be answered to keep your readers interested.

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Vermithrax Posted 10 years ago
Have you thought of trying to work backwards?

Find an ending, then work back towards the part you already have.

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Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 10 years ago
Stephen King writes this way a lot. It works if you do it well. Adding to what Verm said, you might have to go back and add something here and there. Doesn't seem like a huge obstacle. Give us fair warning first.
Kerri-Emmitt Posted 10 years ago
Not saying this will work for you but I write the start of my stories and the end so I know exactly where I am going and then, as artistically as Monet (yeah, right) I color in the rest - which is undeniably the hardest part for me, drives me mad trying to tie up all of the loose ends but that has to be expected if you write anything lengthy, hasn't it.

I say sheer will, determination and a little madness (eccentricity?) will get you through it; it does most. Smile

Oh and not to forget the most important bit; free your imagination as much as you can and maybe you'll be surprised what you might find in there! I've had moments like these and I'm sure that's where Stephen Kings lives most of his days now. He is getting decidedly weirder, if that's at all possible!

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