L'amore di Italia

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crossstr Posted 10 years ago
Hello my name is Che' Ross,

The theme of this blog seems to be love...so...

My novelette is L'amore di Italia.
Love is a marvelous feeling and the way it is developed between people from totally different backgrounds is wonderful. I want to be able to spread the experience of this love, even if it is just in story-form. I hope that by making my novelette public it can be enjoyed by fellow romantics and appreciated as a wonderful tale of hope, passion, and determination. I would like to raise enough money so that I can widely distribute my book to those who are interested in it. This would be the most amazing thing I think. It is not about getting my name out there, but about sharing something I hold very dear! I wrote this for someone I have recently lost and I think that by the time readers are done with the novelette they will have an understanding of the marvels love can offer. If interest in this novel is high enough I would love to continue posting more. I hope that everyone enjoys it! I hope to achieve the goal of spreading my story of love by receiving funding and rewarding those who do fund my project with a copy of the novelette to call their own!

Here is a preview of the novelette L'amore di Italia: http://gloriousevo.blogspot.com/

Thank you all!

Synopsis of L'amore di Italia:
Christopher is a highly successful author going through a rough time with both his personal life and his profession. Seemingly losing the love of his life has taken a toll on his self esteem and his goals.
Mariana is a young woman caught up in the daily routine of work and sleep. Italy to her is beginning to feel like a prison, leaving her to wonder when she will get to escape.
For both of these two people love is a figment of the imagination, but events will lead them both to discover that the most important relationship can grow from the smallest encounter...
Lastly, Dominic, is a man set in his ways and determined to see things through to the end. Once he has his sights set on something, it is very unlikely for him to let it go. For him, love can be forced and he will make sure he gets his way, no matter whose life he has to take to ensure he does...

If you are interested in funding this project then please visit: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1316641124/lamore-di-italia-a-heart-...

Thank you!!
~ Che' Ross~
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