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Dnavarre Posted 11 years ago
So, I just started this game tonight. For the last four years I've been playing "Tribal Wars," which is a MMORTS, or, for non-gamers, a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game. Or, for those with no vocabulary, an online game where you obtain vital resources and money to build a grand city and soldiers, then you use the soldiers to overtake other cities and create an empire while simultaneously protecting your own places from enemy attacks.

The game, like most MMORTS', allows you to create and regulate alliances with people, which can be broken at any time. Half of the game is war, half of it is building, and half of it is politics and trading.

You can hire Heroes and place them as a city's mayor, war-leader, ect. You can obtain items and use them to outfit a hero, or temporarily increase certain stats, such as wood production, iron production, morale, and so on and so forth.

I'd be really glad if any of you decided to give it a try and add me as a friend. My name is "Helo" and my picture is a hooded guy that you might have run across in a tavern in a fantasy novel.
Dnavarre Posted 11 years ago
at evony.com by the way.
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