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Routh Posted 11 years ago
I had the idea of creating two small yearly publications. One in the form of a calendar, and one in the form of a book.

The idea for the calendar is to take 12 of the best poems chosen by the membership and publish one on each month of a yearly calendar.

The idea for the book is to take a compilation of the best stories as chosen by the membership.

Both these items can be printed and pruchased through CafePress which spawned the thought. A softcover spine novel is only about $10 US to buy once you create it.

Thoughts everyone?
Chris Routh
Founder of The Den of Amateur Writing

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Kerri-Emmitt Posted 11 years ago
I personally think its a brilliant idea! I would buy both.

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savage_cushions Posted 11 years ago
Cracking idea dear boy!
Savage Cushions

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Vermithrax Posted 11 years ago
Go for it!! That would be brilliant.

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Shinalisz Posted 11 years ago
Great idea! I'd definetly buy one.
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Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 11 years ago
I'm in.
Rob Kosy
Rob Kosy Posted 10 years ago
Aye! I'll distract "wor lass" & get the money out of her purse.
Count me in!
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Dnavarre Posted 10 years ago
I do question the story book. It's a good idea, but do you mean short stories? I mean, it'd be hard to fit ten books in a small paperback.
Malicepoint Posted 10 years ago
DO it! NOw! I'll pay! HEh
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Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 10 years ago
Bear this in mind. Cafe press charges a flat fee and the site would add to it. No one is going to pay more than 19.95 for a paperback. That limits us to 150 pages.($15 for CafePress and $4.95 for us). That's the maximum, I believe.

I don't know how many words go on a page there but it something to be considered.
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