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Don Roble
Don Roble Posted 11 years ago
It might be helpful if everyone put their nationality into their profile. Language differences do matter and this might be useful to know when commenting.
Pritrostell Posted 11 years ago
I agree whole-heartedly.

When you get writers tat have English as a second language, they tend to have more grammatical errors, and just wrong words in general.

Not saying I can't understand - in fact since I play online games a lot I'm quite accustomed to translating poor English - It's just if I know a writers language is different then the "norm" on the site then I'll be more likely to give them slack on grammar and spelling.

They may use the site to build up their confidence and work, then re-write the same story in their own language to publish or submit as a project Etc.

So, like Don said, people should show their nationality; or at least their main language.

So how 'bout it Routh, think you could hook a site up with a Nationality/Language chooser box thingy in the profile that would show up on posts?

I grab the freshly washed grizzly skin, which still holds the warmth of it's previous owner despite it's chilly bath in the nearby river...
Routh Posted 11 years ago
The current 'Nationality' box would be the 'Location' item, but I can code up a spot for a national origin..
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