Read silently or aloud?

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Mythbhavd Posted 12 years ago
I was watching this:

I am curious. In your opinion was poetry meant to be read silently or aloud? Kevin Max is a singer and poet who has, on several albums, included a poem that he reads. I've always found them interesting and he has a good sense of the rhythm of a poem, although here he need to put down the coffee cup.

Many of us have poetry here in the board. How do you want us to read it? Most times, I read it silently. How did you write it? To be read aloud or read silently? Why?
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flickeringfairy Posted 9 years ago
For me personally, it would be a recording of the author reading the poem aloud. That would be ideal. I think reading it in your head is the best bet until you get the feel of the poem.

In general, and historically speaking, I think poetry was meant to be read aloud.
Kerri-Emmitt Posted 9 years ago
I agree; poems tend to be written with much more emotion - emotion that follows no narrative, but is the writer... Because of this, I believe it needs to be read aloud, or as fairy pointed out, read by the writer. This way you can hear the emotion which fuels such a poem; be it anger, love, jealousy, possession, it all should be heard, not just read.

I read all of the poems on the Den and elsewhere aloud. That way it connects with me in the way in which the writer intended.

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Malicepoint Posted 9 years ago
I guess I'm the lone wolf( Lol, get it?) in saying that I like to first skim the poem to find the meter if there is one and then find where the words best flow. Thats how I can be straight with people about there poems if it doesn't flow well or not.
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tjwell01 Posted 9 years ago
Poetry becomes a different animal when read aloud. It takes shape and new meaning before your eyes. SAY IT!
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