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Official announcements from The Den's administration staff about the site, rules and upcoming events.
Help and Support
Need help with the site? Ask here...
Bug Reports and Site Issues
A place to keep track of errors with the site and how the fixes are coming along. If you find a problem, please post it here so we can begin tracking it. If you have an issue similar to one posted, please reply to the same post and indicate that you are also seeing the issue at hand.
Suggestions and Feature Requests
Suggest new ideas and concepts as well as request features here...
General Discussion
A place to discuss The Den, it's members and general topics about writings. If you can't find a spot that your topic fits under and it's about writing, then put it here.
Off Topics
If your topic won't fit anywhere else, put it here; but keep it civilized...
Poll Booth
A place to poll your fellow members about various topics. This is the only forum that allows members to post polls.
Poet's Corner
This forum is for discussing various topics related to poetry and it's numerous forms. Use this forum to get help with the finer points of poetic form, or to discuss your favourite authors and styles.
Songwriter's Studio
This forum serves as an area for songwriters and rappers to discuss the finer points of rhythm and metaphor.
Storyteller's Fire
A forum for story writers and novelists to discuss plot building and character developing techniques, as well as other aspects of stories.
Playwrite's Stage
A place to discuss writing plays for stage performances both large and small.
Comic's Club
The place to discuss sarcasm, satire and all the finer points of adding humour to your creative style.
The Editor's Desk
When you need help with writing, this is the place to go. Everything from grammar to sentence structure, and everything in between.