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Welcome to The Den of Amateur Writing. Hopefully, you have come here because you enjoy reading, writing, or chatting about such topics. This site has, for over a decade, aimed to provide a haven for new authors and writing enthusiasts. Our members submit their writings for others to read, or so they can receive feedback and needed criticism to determine if their writing needs work or not. They may also discuss writings, movies, books and other topics in our discussion forums and our chat rooms.

Every author must start somewhere, and when they start out they need as much feedback as possible. They need help getting through writer's block, and building their confidence in their work. The Den aims to provide these authors with exactly the environment they need to succeed.

Some people write to vent emotions, and ideas, that they cannot discuss or express easily with others. These people need a place where they can share these writings with others. The entire purpose of the writing was to do what they could not, express their idea for them so they can see if people understand, or maybe agree with it. The Den aims to provide these people with the place they need to vent, or seek advice.

The Den has no membership fees, and no requirements for signup. Whether you want to submit, critique, discuss or just find some people with the same interests as you; you are welcome to join our community.

We hope you join us, and please, feel free to ask for help or leave comments either in our forum, or in our email.

Chris Routh