1. How do I sign up?

To sign up, click the "Sign Up" menu depicted here. You'll find this in the upper right hand corner of the page on desktop. On mobile this is compacted into the menu, hit the button in the upper right of your screen and it will appear.

Once on the sign up page, you'll need to fill out your details, confirm you aren't a bot, and then wait for an email from us to confirm you own the email you used. Once confirmed your account will be created.

2. How do I edit my profile?

You'll find the form to edit your profile details and user account settings under the user menu in the upper right of the screen. On mobile this is compacted into the user avatar, seen by hitting the button in the upper right of your device. Select the "Edit Profile" option to begin changing things.

3. How do I submit a writing?

Under the user menu in the upper right of the screen, you'll find the option "Submit Writing". Clicking this will take you to the writing submission form. Fill out the required information and you're on your way to getting feedback.

4. How do I edit a writing?

Anywhere on the site that your writings appear, there will be an edit button on them so long as you are logged in. If you are looking for a centralized way to view all your writings and make edits, go to the user menu and select "Manage Writings".

5. How do I delete a writing?

Under "Manage Writings" in the user menu, you'll notice that the writings in the list have a checkbox on them. By putting a check in these boxes and hitting the "Delete Selected Writings" button at the bottom of the view you will get a prompt to confirm that you want to delete these writings. Confirm and the works will be deleted.

6. How do I delete my account?

Unfortunately this is a self management feature that is missing from The Den for now. The underlying framework we use does not provide this capability. We will be addressing this in the future. For now, please send an email or private message to Routh. Your privacy will be respected.

7. How do I get help?

If you are unable to find an answer that covers your question, please open a new topic in the Help forums.

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