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It doesn\'t take an analyst to demonstrate the rapid rate at which technology has been evolving over the past decade. From laptops to net-books, to cellphones and tablets technology has been doing what it has always been: finding ways to become relevant and useful in everyday life. And as always, this technology remains only as good as the people who use it. It is reflective of our own culture ...
Category: Book Reviews
The second book in the Steig Larsson trilogy...
Category: Movie Reviews
You will either really enjoy this movie, or really hate it....
Category: Book Reviews
Sequal to Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. *Minor spoilers, but it will not effect your reading pleasure*...
Category: Book Reviews
Book one of the Percy Jackson Series by Rick Roirdan....

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Member AvatarType: Story
Sarah encounters a troll!
Member AvatarType: Story
A wolf story
Member AvatarType: Essay
Notes and ramblings on The Divine Dozen #1 which includes my thoughts on mythology, the works of Neil Gaiman, and the Mexican Day of the Dead.


Member AvatarType: Poem
I was struck by my muse and this is what came out. One link to my story. My pain, ny sorrow, by afflictions, my healing.
Member AvatarType: Story
Excerpt from a story I'm working on - a short novel about twin brothers surviving\thriving within a quarantined zone - written 1st person in the form of a journal.
Member AvatarType: Story
Rob starts his adventure
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
In the introductory chapter of this quirky epic fantasy, MacAbre, the God of Death, finds himself in a deep depression due to the repugnant nature of his profession. Meanwhile, Ataxia, the Goddess of Chaos, enjoys a relaxing evening of terrorizing townspeople and smashing public property.
Member AvatarType: Story
A philosophical narrative about a man's traumatic confrontation with the brutality of existence.
Member AvatarType: Poem
Our society has grown absolutely relationship crazed. If you aren't with someone or aren't sleeping with someone, you are outdated. To this I would strongly disagree, a moment of the past, of relationships gone is what I would like for me.
Member AvatarType: Story
Milo wants to find out why he's not a successful writer, so asks his friend, Janef, for some advice, and comes to a surprising conclusion.
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
An easy going AI fantasy


Member AvatarType: Story
A shift in perspective is the fastest way to change.
Member AvatarType: Fable
Rob recalls the early days
Member AvatarType: Prose
Simply an expression
Member AvatarType: Poem
Inspired by recent star gazing
Member AvatarType: Story
Sweeping in like a falcon...
Member AvatarType: Romance Story
It's not about what's on the outside but what's inside that matters...
Member AvatarType: Romance Story
Jessica fears if her friend falls in love she is going to be alone. Her friend finds love, read and find out what Jessica does.
Member AvatarType: Horror story
(Best to read in a very quiet place, with lights off.)
Member AvatarType: Essay
Fundamental question to our freedom I
Member AvatarType: Poem
New edition on 25.8.2015
Member AvatarType: Poem
Recently: freshly started writing on a Blog...will now post the relevent poem.
Member AvatarType: Critical Review
just did this, 5 min ago, a 15 min draft - just putting it here. inspiration yes
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It's a hint of a writing style you may find unique and intellectually fun
Member AvatarType: Story
Opening paragraph looking for opinion.

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Welcome Jayneyyy! Best way to start is by reviewing others. I'm sure everyone here will be willing to help.

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I'm new here - any help would be appreciated! I'm coming here to get some feedback on a novel I started to write...any help? Smile

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Good news Don. Your two paperbacks have arrived. Boy am I going to enjoy these.

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Big Don, I just came across the review you did on Megan and my Poems And Rhymes Of Our Times Book. I must have smiles the whole day. Thanks for the kind words dude. PS I just sent Megan the news on FB

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