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A commentary on the novel I am about to post....
Category: Life Unscripted
It doesn\'t take an analyst to demonstrate the rapid rate at which technology has been evolving over the past decade. From laptops to net-books, to cellphones and tablets technology has been doing what it has always been: finding ways to become relevant and useful in everyday life. And as always, this technology remains only as good as the people who use it. It is reflective of our own culture ...
Category: Book Reviews
The second book in the Steig Larsson trilogy...
Category: Movie Reviews
You will either really enjoy this movie, or really hate it....
Category: Book Reviews
Sequal to Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. *Minor spoilers, but it will not effect your reading pleasure*...

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Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
65 million years later
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 12 of ancestor
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
A comedy of errors concerning a pie, a dog, and a toad.
Member AvatarType: Essay
Member AvatarType: Story
con'd from the messagers
Member AvatarType: Story
A wolf story
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
Chapter 3 of my little saga...
Member AvatarType: Limerick
I'm looking to add a better finale stanza to the original.
Member AvatarType: Poem
high time
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
In the forth chapter of this highly unconventional fantasy, Eden, the Goddess of Love, finds herself with, oddly enough, man troubles. Meanwhile, Poindexter, the God of Knowledge, and Choler, the God of War, wend their way through the streets of Empyrean City on a wild goosechase for a missing philosopher.
Member AvatarType: Story
Blog formate rating A for awesome! ^_-
Member AvatarType: Poem
A longing
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
Prologue to Scion of Atlas
Member AvatarType: Limerick
A children's rhyme
Member AvatarType: Essay
Notes and ramblings on The Divine Dozen #3 which includes my thoughts on Harry Potter's schooling, the leaves on the trees, and droughts.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 11 of Ancestor
Member AvatarType: Poem
Talking a the world in the our eyes and the change we have gone through as we grow older and how we all wish, one day, we could go back to where we were little
Member AvatarType: Story
Member AvatarType: Sci-Fi Story
Chapter 2, Two Thousand years later...
Member AvatarType: Story
The tables tragically turn!
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
In the third chapter of this off-beat fantasy, Aquamarine, the Goddess of Water, gets away from the daily grind of being a goddess to spend a weekend away with her boyfriend, who just happens to be a monstrous, sea-dwelling creature with some serious personality defects.
Member AvatarType: Fantasy
Chapter 10 of Ancestor
Member AvatarType: Poem
I hope you understand.
Member AvatarType: Poem
Inspired by Life Is Strange, with a twist.
Member AvatarType: Limerick
When a man's got to go

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